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Slater is probably feeling the same symptoms.  Go to the Doc.

damn nj is kicking our arse!

we're artists as well!

or free-loaders like you  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Yeah! I want to hear one of them air busting tail sliders play guitar, paint, draw or write something!   ;) :D

They are in that group.

wasnt too bad.  Surfed with a guy who surfs worse than me, ha.  didnt know one existed.

We are around, we just don't get much press.


YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!


OOPPPS, that's plying the contest director, can't do that. never mind....

Thanks esa_ny!

mmmmmmmm beer margaritas,  I love margaritas.

Jesus, those pics are amazing, Bob. Have to show us the photos of the nuptials.

Yeah but did ya notice the cast of your next surf vid on the home photographer's home page Mims?

You should sell it to me... I mean, it's Used and all. Lived in and what not....   Jeez, I bet there isn't even a kegorator in the basement. Sheesh!

But I believe there is a spare table in the garage. :o

Why does everyone pick on Jake? He looks like such a nice guy. Him and his cute doggie.

Looks like Jake has registgered more than once.   ;D

direct quote from that article:

His basic model, with a four-inch inseam, is best for most men, he said. Or at least most men with a well-used gym membership. Shorter guys might gravitate to the Frankie Avalon-style snap shorts, with a two-inch inseam, while men with thin legs would do better with a longer model, one with an eight-inch inseam.

4" inseam??? wont your junk be visible every time you sit down??

some of us will have the problem standing.   :o :o :o

whats iron man?

Highest point total among surfers who are entered in at least 3 divisions.

Wait!! We must have a meeting and try to talk some sense into congratulate him.

I'm sure Team TDR will raise one or 14 in your honor this week.  Congrats.


So I'll miss the comp and the celebrations - woe is me  :(

Rick? can you run all my heats and finals before noon please?

I'm goin out on a limb here, but, if they plan on running heats that have SAT takers in it, after noon, it would seem logical that the a majority of the early round heats that don't involve SAT takers sometime before noon.  But what do I know?  I just da Kook

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