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I freaking love Shrek. Such a funny movie. It really set a precedent for kids' movies that adults could enjoy as well. So aweso...

Oh wait, never mind.

Obviously a youngster here who never saw The Muppet Show.   ;)

Rockaway never handled a south swell. Now it is having trouble with anything over 9 sec from any direction. Closeoutaway.

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You know, I was going to say something, but opted to see how long this would go on, and how much discussion there would be about how great the big south swell of '06 was.

 ::) ::) ::) ::)

But the North swells are now all time.

Bal and Brian Toth advance.

East Coast Boys!

Saw this on Facebook:

And on CNN and on The Weather Channel and on Australian TV and the local news in Hawaii and.........

James Katsipis put together a killer cut of Travis Beckman, Charlie Weimer, Grant Monahan and Nick Jeockel having a bit o' fun.   NY Hardcore!

balaram in this?

Round 2 Heat 13

R-Leandro Usano
W- Brian Toth
B- Balaram Stack
Bl-Koa Smith

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / It's coming
« on: January 26, 2015, 05:01:19 PM »

Contact Mike Becker at Natures Shapes.

Eerily familiar style...same designer that "fixed" iTunes?

No idea - but I put in a complaint to the Tapatalk design team - not that I expect it to help.

Not sure how much any of you have used it, but the mobile app that I have for the rest of the site works well, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get an app written for the forums - this way I have total control of the look, feel and functionality the way I do with the rest of the site. I would try and write it myself just for the fun of it, but man, life is busy in 2015 - prob best to leave it the professionals. I can reach out to some contacts I have, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone know an app developer they want to recommend - just let me know.


Somebody please reach out to SeaCliff and let him know that his account has been hacked.

Facinating. I hadn't watched it before. He doesn't roll very much at all. And he breaths a LOT, I guess he was swimming a 100?

Actually if Phelps were swimming a 100, he would probably only take 2-3 breaths in each length of the pool, if that.  Breathing does scrub time and in a sprint they try to keep it to a minimum.

4 mile run sunday
30 min on the stationary bike this am


may have to take a break from neck is acting up, and i fear its from the breathing...

Don't you roll when you breath? I was coached a bit by  a fellow swimmer, maybe it's new school swimming but your whole body is supposed to roll when you breath so there should be not a lot of turning the head to breath. I found it more comfortable. The guy told me his coach said think sidestroke when you breath.

Not to mention that when you roll, your arm digs deeper and longer moving more water making for a more productive stroke.   ;)

By my calculations it comes up as the following.   Top 22 on the 2014 WCT qualify, followed by the top 10 on the 2014 WQS who have not already qualified by virtue of being in the top 22 on the CT.  There are two ASP wildcards.

Key the chart below.  First number is the initial 2015 ranking. Second number is the final 2014 WCT ranking.  Third number is 2014 WQS ranking. 

1   1      Gabriel Medina
2   2      Mick Fanning
3   3      John Florence
4   4      Kelly Slater
5   5   14   Michel Bourez
6   6      Joel Parkinson
7   7   15   Jordy Smith
8   8   12   Adriano de Souza
9   9      Taj Burrow
10   10      Josh Kerr
11   11      Kolohe Andino
12   12      Owen Wright
12   12      Sebastian Zeitz
13   13      Nat Young
14   14   3   Julian Wilson
15   15      Adrian Buchan
16   16      Bede Durbidge
17   17   1   Filipe Toledo
18   18      Kai Otten
19   19      Miguel Pupo
21   21      Freddie Pattachia
22   22   5   Jadson Andre
      1   Filipe Toledo
23      2   Matt Banting
      3   Julian Wilson
24      4   Wiggoly Dantas
      5   Jadson Andre
25      6   Adam Melling
26      7   Italo Ferreira
27      8   Matt Wilkinson
28      9   Keanu Asing
29      10   Dusty Payne
30      11   Jeremy Flores
      12   Adriano de Souza
31      13   Brett Simpson
      14   Michel Bourez
      15   Jordy Smith
32      16   Ricardo Christie

i was hoping the strength stuff would make me faster doing intervals, but not a bit of improvement.  my endurance is fine for the slow stuff.  swimming really is mostly technique and i'm just missing something...but, whatever, as long as i'm getting the benefit i guess that's all that matters.

I think what you're missing is.......what Arne said. SWIM REGULARLY. That's it. do interval training, do a distance swim at a decent pace, do another interval day. Mix it up but basically don't swim less than 3 times a week. THEN you will get faster if that's what you want. Work on your technique when doing distance, but also don't let your form slip when your pushing through intervals. If I swim less, I get slower, swim more I get back to where I was, swim more than that, I get faster.

I guess there is a good reason that competitive swimmers swim 5-6 days a week and when starting a serious training program, swim 2 sessions a day.

Spoke to someone in the know with the construction side....

the thought goes IF they are able to complete the phase 1 of the project (Rippers to Caracas) the demo of the other part now would allow them to begin on phase 2 immediately.

Also, if they don't do it now they're worried about a work halt due to plovers thus delaying further.

Before you get all crazy on me -- I didn't say I'm happy with this. I'm just trying to give some more info from another perspective.

Phase 2 is to the west of Phase 1.  The area to be demolished is east of Phase 1.  There are no plover nesting areas in either Phase 1 or 2. 

Next excuse.

inconvenient and annoying? sure it is,….however, thats the current situation on almost all the other blocks on the peninsula that used to have a boardwalk before Sandy. I love still having the 13 block stretch you live by, and it sucks that the board voted for an accelerated demo,… but I can't seem to get that bent out of shape about it considering that this is the current situation for almost the entire boardwalk.

I can definitely get bent out of shape about having to ride the A train again,… to me its a big price to pay considering the former ferry.
00 --- I hear you & I'm not viewing this as "us/them" or "have/have not" --- I feel for areas that currently have nothing (for the record, I don't live in the stretch where the boardwalk remains --- where I live, we've got nothing but chain link fence barring all access to the beach for 10 blocks or so).  That said, I've enjoyed the stretch of intact boardwalk as have many others.  To take it with no plans of anything constructed there until Spring 2016 seems absurd.  I'll ride my bike; I'll find my beach access.  I'm not thinking of myself, but the runners, people with strollers, elderly and those in wheelchairs, surfers & others who I see up there on a daily basis, able to get some fresh air, view the ocean, get where they're going.  It'd be nice to have something besides chain link fence -- anywhere -- this winter (especially if leaving that boardwalk intact until Spring isn't going to impact the timeline all that much in the end).  I'm sure most of us can agree on that. 

Are you suggesting that they complete something, like the section from B86th to B96th, and THEN demo this section of boardwalk?  Are you anticipating the city using common sense (which by the way, isn't all that common)?  What have you been smoking?   :o

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