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That's a real Benny go home right there.

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Nah, Scrappy is generally accepted at the local east facing breaks.   :) :)

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Re: Ockaway !
« on: February 13, 2015, 07:40:40 PM »
Am I crazy or how does a 3 mile Boardwalk just a little ways west cost $480 million when the long beach 2.2 mile Boardwalk cost $40 million. Is the last .8 miles made of gold?

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The City of Long Beach did not require study upon study to determine the what needed to be built.  The City of Long Beach did not decide to remove all of the support structure that had been holding up the boardwalk for 75 years.  The City of Long Beach did not decide to rebuild the boardwalk with new and  untested structures.  The City of Long Beach simply replaced their boardwalk.  The City of Long Beach had their boardwalk back in place on the first anniversary of Hurricane (NOT superstorm) Sandy.  New York City did not have a completed plan in place on the 2nd anniversary. 

But the North swells are now all time.

Bal and Brian Toth advance.

East Coast Boys!

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And on CNN and on The Weather Channel and on Australian TV and the local news in Hawaii and.........

James Katsipis put together a killer cut of Travis Beckman, Charlie Weimer, Grant Monahan and Nick Jeockel having a bit o' fun.   NY Hardcore!

Contact Mike Becker at Natures Shapes.

inconvenient and annoying? sure it is,.however, thats the current situation on almost all the other blocks on the peninsula that used to have a boardwalk before Sandy. I love still having the 13 block stretch you live by, and it sucks that the board voted for an accelerated demo, but I can't seem to get that bent out of shape about it considering that this is the current situation for almost the entire boardwalk.

I can definitely get bent out of shape about having to ride the A train again, to me its a big price to pay considering the former ferry.
00 --- I hear you & I'm not viewing this as "us/them" or "have/have not" --- I feel for areas that currently have nothing (for the record, I don't live in the stretch where the boardwalk remains --- where I live, we've got nothing but chain link fence barring all access to the beach for 10 blocks or so).  That said, I've enjoyed the stretch of intact boardwalk as have many others.  To take it with no plans of anything constructed there until Spring 2016 seems absurd.  I'll ride my bike; I'll find my beach access.  I'm not thinking of myself, but the runners, people with strollers, elderly and those in wheelchairs, surfers & others who I see up there on a daily basis, able to get some fresh air, view the ocean, get where they're going.  It'd be nice to have something besides chain link fence -- anywhere -- this winter (especially if leaving that boardwalk intact until Spring isn't going to impact the timeline all that much in the end).  I'm sure most of us can agree on that. 

Are you suggesting that they complete something, like the section from B86th to B96th, and THEN demo this section of boardwalk?  Are you anticipating the city using common sense (which by the way, isn't all that common)?  What have you been smoking?   :o

They haven't been 2x4 for 100 years or something. And Lowe's has to pay the fine?

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As the subject line of this thread states, you can't make this brown trout up.

Quiksilver Pro NY Final redux in about 8 minutes. 

Kelly Slater v. Owen Wright

Most people forget that bathymetry plays such a big part of these swells when the period gets in the teens - upper teens. One place will be head high while another will be macking. The people that know, dont tell and the people who dont, complain. Oh, the swell didn't live up to expectations! of course it didn't, you were surfing xxxx spot.

that being said, hype tends to make these tropical systems out to be somethign they are not. In general, they are fairly localized areas of high wind generating, medium fetch producing wave systems. Rarely, will a storm get blocked and spin. When it does happen, its gold, hurricane felix 95'.

This sounds like it could become a Hudson Canyon Refraction discussion redux.


Is that bacon was riding some new alternative type board this weekend. 

Care to share with the class, bacon?

Please dear god let there be a video!!  ;D

Great minds think alike.  Those were my first words.