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Brian Wynn. He’s responsible for the #2 & #3 entries on my personal “best fish of all time” list. The only one ahead of him is Rich Pavel.

This is a steal! I have the same board & it's awesome. GLWTS!

i really wish this were in my size range. i'd be all over it.


5'10"x20 3/4"x2 9/16" Campbell Bros. Octafish

6'4"x20 1/4"x2 9/16" Campbell Bros. Mini Merk

The only other board I have that sees a regular amount of action is my 14' Bark Commander. I paddle it year time is limited, w/ a 6 month old, so any time I can get on the water, I grab it!

I also have a 9'6" Wynn Si Si Slider, but it hasn't seen any water time in the last year. No plans to get rid of it, though, as it's way too much fun when I actually do get it wet.

Slater trying to make a difference in the world with a sustainable $100 white T shirt!

& you've done what, exactly, to try & shift the established paradigm of an entire industry?

very cool idea! stoked that the other boards have all found homes, hope this one does as well!

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