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Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Steve Lis Keel Fish
« on: September 23, 2018, 05:59:29 PM »

Not one you see every day around these parts ...

Steve Lis Keel Fish
Shaped by the legend himself

5'5 x 21 (measures wider) x 2.5. Plenty of float for me at 175.
Shaped earlier this year, very lightly ridden (maybe 3 sessions).
9+/10 condition. Couple of pressures on the deck, bottom and rails are mint.
Viewable in Brooklyn or NYC area beaches during swell events

DM me your number or email for photos and pricing (be forewarned, it's not cheap).

Another feeler ....

This time for a Hess Box in single skin construction (stringerless EPS with a birch wood deck and carbon rails).

Very lightly used, 9/10 condition. Gorgeous board. Named after a local break!

5'3 x 20.5 x 2.5. 5 fin Futures. Good amount of foam for the size. Comes with a quad set of True Ames Controllers.

If you're interested in trying a modern planing hull ala Tomo, Vulcan, etc, this is a great option. 

New these are up to $1045 now. Asking $500. Sold.


Kind of a feeler post ....

Per the title, I'm contemplating letting go my Mandala Superchunk Pupu ... Manny's "all you can eat" version of his Superchunk, in this instance in Microlight construction (stringerless EPS w/ carbon v-weave).

Dims are 5'2 x 22 x 2.5. 5 fin FCS2 setup. Fins not included.

Used but not abused ... condition 8-9/10, just some pressures on the deck. Never dinged, no repairs.

This thing is a grovel machine. I've had it everything from knee high NY beachies to HH Montauk.

Don't think anyone has posted this ...

Nutshell: Matt Warshaw has put out an APB for support and may need to shut down the Encyclopedia of Surfing if he doesn't get more subscribers.

He talks through the economics here:

It's an amazing resource and cheap at $3/month. He only needs 1000 new subscribers. You can also donate if you're so inclined.

Help him out if you don't want to see it go away (like me).

Can't believe I am posting this ...

Mere days after losing my own surf watch, only to have it returned to me via this forum, I *found* one today by the showers at a popular surfboarding location in the borough of Queens in NYC.

Karma dictated I grab it for safe keeping.

Was a) getting attacked by flies and b) totally shred stupid after this incredible run of waves and left my Rip Curl GPS surf watch in LB this am.

$100 reward if you found it. 

- Putting out the APB for a buddy -

Ever been to Peru? The waves are insane and the locals are friendly, welcoming and rip. But - to state the glaringly obvious - they often can't afford a decent wetsuit, so many of them shred in really old suits with giant holes in them ... or nothing at all. And the water can be pretty cold thanks to that Humbolt current.

Buddy of mine (Surfrider chair up in Boston) is heading down to Peru next month and is hoping to bring a bunch of gently used suits down as donations. If you have anything in the smaller adult range or larger kid sizes and want to contribute, send me a PM and I'll put you in touch with him.

Not to be confused with the (also new) Modern keels and not yet for sale in the US!

Brand new, unridden. FCS2 plug and play system.

$100 shipped OBO


Another rarity for the good folks of NYNJ ...

Considering moving along my 5'8 x 19.75 x 2.5 EPS Ryan Burch parallelogram. Used but not abused, decent heel wells on the deck and a couple of pressures on the bottom.

Drop me a PM with phone or email if interested for pics and more details.

What have we done to deserve it ....  :'(

As the title says ... in microlight (carbon fiber over EPS foam) construction. Dims are 5'4 x 20.25 x 2 3/8. Comes with a set of custom twin fins. Excellent condition.

Some board porn:

These boards are expensive (around $1150 before shipping) but I will consider any reasonable (ie, not a ridiculous lowball) offer. PM me if you're interested.

Tomo Deathstar in XTR-FX2 (XTR's top of the line construction) for sale! Not something you see every day around here.

Never ridden. One tiny pressure ding from clumsiness. 9.9/10 condition.

5'5 x 18.5 x 2.5, 30 liters. FCS-2 5-fin

Over $1000 new in this build, plus shipping from West Coast. Priced to move at price drop.

Perfect board for going really fast in fun fall surf and doing lots of wapahs.

Sponge alert!

Catch Surf Odysea Stump for sale. 5'0 x 21.5 x 2.5 (36L), Thruster. Tons of fun, good condition. I have an 8' Log I used more often when it's junky.

$150 OBO. SOLD



Shredders, a couple of friends are trying to ship a box containing a midlength and a couple of short boards in one box from LA to NYC. My normal shipping contact has gone AWOL. Anyone have a connection they can share?


All of the particulars are on CL but let me know if you have questions ...

Excellent 5'6 Evo SOLD

Like-New 5'6 Sci-Phi SOLD

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