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If you put a twist in the strap they don't vibrate. Kinda creepy when its too quiet. You keep thinking you lost em. The ones with only one strap are the worst. I don't know how to explain it but one strap goes through the rack the doors then around the boards. Junk.

I prefer women's comps sometimes. Not for the pervy reasons. And not cuz I see and talk to Carissa all the time. And not cuz I have an old man pedo crush on Coco. But I think they may be more competitive. Kelly ruined men's surfing. Not really. But like the guys who hate the NBA and only watch college basketball, I like women's surfing.

I know leonard from Leonard's malasadas. Super nice guy, but they're much better at marketing than making malasadas. Go anywhere else and they'll usually be better than Leonards. The best is champion on Beretania. brown trout. I'm gonna go there right now.

Oh yeah. that's what I get for not looking closely. I'd like to see the rest of that wave break. It looks like it fattens up/mushes a little right where I said if be taking off. Looks like you gotta take off on that little bowly area.  It's be real fun for a longboard or twin/fish/simmons

Is that your old lady in the first pic?

Is it just me or would you guys take off ten feet to the left on the friendly side of that rock? Maybe I'm getting old but if its a decent length no need drop in right on the wrong side of that rock.

Didnt they just basically take rashguards and market them as undershirts ? And made billions. I dont get it. Polyesters polyester. I wont wear one, and i doubt many people would, but shot. I laughed when nike got into hockey and some of the newer guys who didnt play when they were younger (kooks) would roll up with 100% nike gear. ua will make money.

Theyre killing it.
Anyone else notice much more epoxy boards on the european leg? Im thinking about epoxy for my standard shortboard, but I dont know. I dont wanna drop $550 on a custom that feels weird. But im sick of fixing dings every ufcking week.
Have my eye on a flecher Chouinard quark. The foam they use is hard like concrete, but stupid light.

Ugh. I was just gonna tell you to stay away from ko olina. Youre stuck there. Towns 15 miles and two hours away, and if you go the other direction its gorgeous. But its waianae. Really not dangerous at all but people will tell you it is. But just because its january doesnt mean you cant surf the north shore. Not every reef is super shallow and hollow. Ive surfed DOH swell on a Longboard. There are tooons of surf spots. Check em out. Dont surf frickin white plains or barbers. Surf the country. Just surf a mellow spot.

Just saw the hotel parking comment. If you cant find a parking spot in Waiks you aint from NY. It aint THAT bad. Granted, i dont go to waikiki EVER but when I do I sure as ufck dont pay $30 to park.

ASk for Tanks number at Atlantic beach surf shop..

Arancino's? REALLY? Damn. My friend worked there forever. I shoulda went with him when he worked there. 50% off if I was with him. Sistina's CAfe is definitely the best italian I've ever had on this island or anywhere west of  12th Ave. It's nice to know I can get killer italian food right down the street.
Sorry Jake. Jake stayed about 2 miles from me and we never met up. It was flat anyway. Worst summer in a decade they say.

I love rips. When they help me paddle out. One of the first physical stahes of drowning is embarassment. Then panic. Two of the 7 stages of physical drowning are mental. Thats big. I got caught in one in Tamarindo and was unprepared. Long story. Rips eventually stop. Just chill out, ride it out and paddle/swim around it. Easier said than done. But being prepared and in shape can keep you confident. Not cocky. Teach your daughter now.

If I see guys knee paddling at my LB spot I paddle right around em. It's cheese and one step away from SUP.  My preferred lb doesnt have a leash plug. I am still not cool.
As far as hats. I dunno. I have so much hair its ridiculous so I dont need one. I do have pterygiums or whatever so between 10 and like 4 I should wear sunglasses. But its hard to surf with em, and unless it's my usual spot with the usual crew I have to fight for the first few waves, then usually theyll figure out just cuz I look like a kook, doesnt mean I am. But either way the shades in the water SUCK. If the guy can surf and wasnt bothering you then ufck it. Let him wear what he wants. Ive seen much weirder brown trout. A full on 4/3 with hood in June at noon on a gorgeous day. In Hawaii. The crazy lady who wears two ls rashies, hats, sunglasses and enough zinc for all of us who gets pushed into waves on her boogie board by someone I think she pays at rockpiles.. I could go on and on here

A) I would NOT go in any fresh water here. Google Leptospirosis. It sucks. Plus fresh waters just ufcking gross.

2) If you're from NY you'll be fine here. It's all just common sense. There are some people with SERIOUS Aloha here who will show you around, be super cool, and not expect anything back. The chances of meeting those people get lower and lower the closer you get to Waikiki. I dont go into Waikiki for anything. It's just annoying. If you like hiking there are a million hikes here. Manoa falls is cool, but probably the most crowded hike on the island. Which still isnt THAT crowded.

c) Hostels.. Man.. I dunno. My friend stayed at one when he got here for like 6 months. He met a lot of cool people, and plenty iceheads.
Youll probably be fine though.

If youre only staying for two weeks you should be fine. Emergency $$ or whatever, yeah. You might wanna dip on that hostel if its not cool. But you should be able to deal with whatever honolulu throws at you. I lived in a decent neighborhood in NY and the crime rate on my block was higher than all of Honolulus. lol.
Most of all enjoy yourself, enjoy the surf, but if there are waves up north dont surf the country. It will ruin everything else for you.
If you want to rent boards etc.. email me. I'll teach you a trick that I cant post here. And if you end up in serious trouble or whatever email me. Us NYers look out for each other out here. Im not creeping either. I live with my wife and dog in a small 1 bedroom, but know cool people who may have couches for emergencies.

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