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A) I would NOT go in any fresh water here. Google Leptospirosis. It sucks. Plus fresh waters just ufcking gross.

2) If you're from NY you'll be fine here. It's all just common sense. There are some people with SERIOUS Aloha here who will show you around, be super cool, and not expect anything back. The chances of meeting those people get lower and lower the closer you get to Waikiki. I dont go into Waikiki for anything. It's just annoying. If you like hiking there are a million hikes here. Manoa falls is cool, but probably the most crowded hike on the island. Which still isnt THAT crowded.

c) Hostels.. Man.. I dunno. My friend stayed at one when he got here for like 6 months. He met a lot of cool people, and plenty iceheads.
Youll probably be fine though.

If youre only staying for two weeks you should be fine. Emergency $$ or whatever, yeah. You might wanna dip on that hostel if its not cool. But you should be able to deal with whatever honolulu throws at you. I lived in a decent neighborhood in NY and the crime rate on my block was higher than all of Honolulus. lol.
Most of all enjoy yourself, enjoy the surf, but if there are waves up north dont surf the country. It will ruin everything else for you.
If you want to rent boards etc.. email me. I'll teach you a trick that I cant post here. And if you end up in serious trouble or whatever email me. Us NYers look out for each other out here. Im not creeping either. I live with my wife and dog in a small 1 bedroom, but know cool people who may have couches for emergencies.

I cant watch isht like that. Its boring no matter who it is. The waves are isht. I would ride that board, maybe Dane should ride it in a contest. Who cares. I just cant watch the hipsterism of that. The stupid stupid name they make up to sound cool, the terrible music of some guy just rasping over some stupid indian inspired flute or whatever the ufck and danes stupid haircut/mustache combo and stance as he tries to look like a cool 70s guy on a single fin. You actually had to be cool in the 70s to be cool. You couldnt buy it, like nowadays.

Im sorry I had to destroy a post with conversation I was actually impressed with. I was so proud of all the posts in this, then I watched the video and almost puked. There were no idiots ranting about the disgustingness of that video, but I have to. I'll be that jerk.

In all seriousness if he hates the tour so much ( I just think he got scared at pipe.. I saw the fear in his eyes as he continually backed off of set waves that the macnamara groms were pulling in to earlier).. anyway, if he hates the tour and all it stands for and isht why not ride boards like that in competition? Go out and make a mockery of it. Beat some brasilians in Rio on a mini simmons. THAT'D be cool..Very cool.. Legit cool. HE can. I've seen him surf his ass off. Active protest. Go out wearing a wetsuit that has a red circle with a line through the asp or something cool.
I dunno. I hate him. Hes got power and he wastes it. He's obviously into weird boards which is cool, but the most non-conforming board he rides in a heat is a diver. They're not that different. Its got a touch wider tail. Thats it.

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