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So the problem is the Jews?
Bascially, just kidding. The problem is seasonal bennys trying to restrict parking or anyone trying to restrict parking. It's just pissed people off more when they only come in the summer.

Why would locals be opposed to this? Everyone else who can't walk, sure they are going to be pissed but calling on locals to oppose what will result in more parking and less crowded beaches?

The problem in this area are the real locals who live in the surrounding towns and even in Deal. The parking restricts parking to only the oceanfront houses. Even other deal residents can't park there. The funny thing is that all these oceanfront houses are owned by Brooklyn Syrian Jews from NY who only use them in the summer. Talk about bennys trying to keep locals out, this is a prime example.

I saw some of you have the lost pelagic fish. Those sidecuts look interesting. How do you like that board?

That board is probably near the 30L range with those dimensions and if it's foiled thin.


Second rule about summer surfing if I don't recognize you from winter chances are you'll be surfing behind me

Can you clarify this for me?  I believe you have a job that is not a traditional 9-6, correct?

There are how many hours of sunlight during your average winter day?  Let's call it 7:30-5.  So 5 days out of 7 those who have a traditional desk job with commute have pretty much zero shot of surfing.  That leaves desk riders with an extremely small window for half the year and then assumes they can drop whatever else they have to do on the weekend to surf during limited daylight.

So because you have the ability to surf during the day in the winter, that allows you to drop in on someone in the summer?  Do I have that right?
1.  turn your sarcasm meter on
2. Whenever you point a finger 4 are pointing back at you . Most people who get " paddled around " are probably on the shoulder . I surf all over the world and plenty of stronger surfers them me do the same thing . Maybe I should tell the PAV ave crew they have to give me waves instead of having to surf a lesser jetty that's far less perfect when we go down to NJ
3. Bring my career choice into I , my job is Open to the public and is an open competitive exam . The fact some people choose a lifestyle job with deferred compensation and time rather than a lot of money is on you .
4. If you have that much of a hard time being competitive with old wrecks like me doesn't say much about your skill level . Like I said maybe look in the mirror and so something about it on a personal level that doesn't involve passive aggressive internet crap .

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Oh, I forgot about he Pav Ave crew. You can't hang, lol. I"m just kidding with you since you screwed me on that board. Your always welcome down here because you can take the leftover scraps.

Second rule about summer surfing if I don't recognize you from winter chances are you'll be surfing behind me

Can you clarify this for me?  I believe you have a job that is not a traditional 9-6, correct?

There are how many hours of sunlight during your average winter day?  Let's call it 7:30-5.  So 5 days out of 7 those who have a traditional desk job with commute have pretty much zero shot of surfing.  That leaves desk riders with an extremely small window for half the year and then assumes they can drop whatever else they have to do on the weekend to surf during limited daylight.

So because you have the ability to surf during the day in the winter, that allows you to drop in on someone in the summer?  Do I have that right?

I think he's from Brooklyn. So everyone should drop in on him, lol. Just another person who doesn't have a surf break. If you surf around the same spots, you know the people who surf there year round and live in the town.

The problem with the whole "I'm a local, who the hell are you?" mentality is that it stinks to holy hell of some sort of entitlement. And the fact is that the only thing any of us are actually entitled to is common courtesy.

Here's my deal: If someone is lined up for a wave, I'm backing off - I don't care if the person just arrived from Mars. If I'm lined up, I would ask and expect the same. If I am at a regular spot or a spot I have never been to before, I try and be conscious not to be a wave hog. If someone else I've never seen before or someone I see every single time is there, I would expect the same.

ahh, capt goodvibes.  Insert any marquee break on any coastline in the world and your philosophy would result in you catching not a single wave during a session, and no Im not happy that is the way it is.  But your opinion chokes of optimism bordering on naivety and you know that to be true.  brown trout take LB premier wave which is by no means a marquee spot and I know if I am deeper than surfer X who has spent a lifetime at the peak, a mere 10 more years than me and keeping in mind I was born in LB, I know Im going to get stuffed by Mr surfer X, 9 out of 10 times.  In other spots in the world i would be stuffed 10/10 times. 

Yes - but my point is that while every single word of the scenario you describe is true, it has nothing to do with localism - it has everything to do with douchebaggery. Perhaps the real problem is that there's too many people that have been in this game long enough to know the rules, but somehow feel that because they've been in the game for so long at "their" spot, they are now somehow above the rules -  or more simply put: The rules simply no longer apply to them, but only to the other "less entitled" masses who dared attempt to surf "their" wave.

And btw, you're right on your other point as well - I never effing get a friggin wave when I travel.  ::) >:(

So who is the douchebag in this scenario?  A guy spent his life learning the ins and outs of a wave, (we will call him guy 1)grew up working his way into the rotation and learning from his elders and now rips the wave, catches 20 waves to everyone else 2 waves cuz he has it dialed.  He sits in the lineup closest to the peak cuz he can confidently surf it and only goes on the wave he knows he will make, typically the best waves.  Now here comes newby dude newberson let say his age is mide to late 30's and he started surfing last year, (we will call him guy 2) he paddles deeper than aforementioned guy and gets crushed on his first two attempts but continues to paddle deeper than everyone else.  People tell him to respect the rotation but he politely explains that he is equal to those around him, "are we all not surfers born from the water and now returning to it, to share in these goodvibes" he asks?

Moments later, a perfect set rolls through, Guy 2 is back to the peak and paddling his heart out for the second better wave of the set after nearly getting crushed by the first wave, while Guy 1 has witnessed the crushings and what many consider a lineup indiscretion.  He eyes his line, drops in and gets shacked off his gourd comes out dry.  All the while Guy 2 who had the peak, it turned out was too deep, not a snowballs chance of making it, everyone knew it but him.  Who is the douche? 

Seacliff in a perfect world everyone would have your attitude, but next time we surf and the van full of NJ guys start paddleing around you and me like they own the place we surf regularly, remind of your opinions on this issue.

After 20 plus years of surfing I have learned this, there are people who love surfing, while there are other people who love to tell people they are a surfer.  These tend to be two very different people.

Seacrest Out

Explains it perfectly. We also cringe down here in NJ when we see the NY plates. Either way the people driving from different areas need to follow etiquette and realize they are just visitors. I never understand outsiders coming to a crowded break with locals and expect waves. Just find an empty peak when you are visiting. I don't have a problem with visitors unless they don't follow etiquette and act like they own the place.

I missed this one. If the other person doesn't take it, I'm interested.

Contact with infectious blood, semen, and other body fluids from having sex with an infected person, sharing contaminated needles to inject drugs, or from an infected mother to her newborn.

Sandrover, that's interesting punctuation.  You still imply risk is only from sex or drug use (or infected mother to newborn).   Here's what CDC actually says:
How is HBV transmitted? HBV is transmitted through activities that involve percutaneous (i.e., puncture through the skin) or mucosal contact with infectious blood or body fluids (e.g., semen, saliva), including
  • Sex with an infected partner
  • Injection drug use that involves sharing needles, syringes, or drug-preparation equipment
  • Birth to an infected mother
  • Contact with blood or open sores of an infected person
  • Needle sticks or sharp instrument exposures
  • Sharing items such as razors or toothbrushes with an infected person
HBV is not spread through food or water, sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, hand holding, coughing, or sneezing. How long does HBV survive outside the body? HBV can survive outside the body at least 7 days and still be capable of causing infection.
Again, believe and do what you see fit, but at least get facts straight.

I definitely believe anything the CDC tells me. I love the government. Also, doctors linked to government agencies or groups are very trustworthy too.

I especially like doctors who prescribe chemotherapy to cancer patients. I still don't understand that. We've been studying cancer for how many decades now and the best we have is chemo. Really? I watched too many people go through it when it actually does brown trout. 1 in 50 is a good success rate especially for the pharma companies. These pharma companies don't want a cure when they are making 10K a session. I couldn't even believe it when I saw my Uncle's bill for one session of chemo. All the people I know that died from cancer wish they never used chemo. They would have enjoyed their last years of life without slowing deteriorating and throwing up every day.  Chemo is our choice for cancer but I can get my dick hard tonight with several choices of drugs. Money talks, always has and always will.

I still know there are plenty of good doctors out there. I also believe they should be paid a lot of money. They go through several years of school, medical school, residency and finally get a job. They should be paid more money and our government should use our tax money to fund cancer research more. It's just annoying that big pharma has most people in their back pocket. If I see another commerical with a girl flying a kite while holding a puppy and saying that if you ever feel sad to pop these pills, I'm going to lose it.

Sorry for not sticking to the topic, autism. I'm not sure about any links between vaccines and autism. I do know that we gave my son the hep b vaccine. Not in the hospital which are peditrician agreed with but after he was older. I wouldn't give anything to a newborn in the hospital.



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Well, would you look at that thing! Hello beautiful!

Wow! That is exactly what I'm looking for as a daily driver. Definitely seems like a better shape for me for good waves waist-head high compared to the superbuzz. I liked how they pulled in the nose. What is the concave and rocker like on that buzzsaw? I heard a lot of people saying it's better as a thruster but that is a little strange coming from stretch who is the quad-king.

Sorry sorry Jettyflea, didn't mean to hijack . Here's what I have coming, a buzzsaw with a butt tail like the one on the right.

You're not hijacking. Sweet boards. I always wanted a stretch but never had the coin. I'm probably unloading a few boards and using some tax refund money to finally get one. I'm really looking for a board that can handle more of the higher range but not a stepup. I'm looking for something for those good chest - head high or a little overhead days when it has some push or it's punchy and hollow too. It sounds like the buzzsaw may be the board but would a superbuzz be more fun. I'm really done with the potato chips and like some more volume.  I've also looked at the "what" by stretch for the same range but I'm not sure if that's really for better waves.

What do you think between these boards? Also, I didn't see anything on the stretch website for sizing the buzzsaw? Is it sized the same as you hp shorty or a little shorter?


curious what you don't like about the white diamond in terms of feel? it's still my go to favorite board of all my 5'5 type boards (rocket, dumpster diver, RNF).
actually, we have a Lost quad down south that was pretty fun the one time i rode it - onefin, what is that board? i haven't tried the buzz / stretch, etc and i'm pretty sure i've forgotten how to surf at all, so it won't matter what i put under my feet next session. i am also migrating towards more volume, at least on the better / good days.

I have the first version of the WD with the single concave through the whole board. I prefer single to double concave or flat to slight double/vee concave. I also ordered the board with probably too much volume. I felt it was harder to paddle than my standard hpsb because all the float and it took a little to get into waves. I'm thinking I would probably like the WD with smaller dimensions than I have but now I'm looking in a different direction.

I do like the superbuzz. I just don't think it will handle the perfect hollow head high days. Maybe the buzzsaw is a better all rounder from waist to head high good waves.

I'm covered for the small grovel days and overhead grinding days. I just want a daily driver board that will handle the a waist-head high average and good days. I would like this board to handle hollow waves up to head high too. I currently am using a white diamond for those days but I'm done with the design. I'm not a huge fan of the straight single concave through the whole board.

I'm looking at the Buzzsaw, Superbuzz and Lazyboy.  I live close to the beach but don't get out as much as I used to (near 40, have 1 kid and one on the way). I'm looking for an easy paddler but also some performance surfing built in. Does anyone have experience with these boards and what do they think?


I only wore the 5mm fbomb lobser claw gloves. They were really warm but the grip on the thumbs wore off only after about 5 sessions. It think it happened from the wax on the deck of the surfboard while popping up. I've never had this problem with other gloves. Basically, you could see the lining through the thumb of the glove. I called Rip Curl customer service. No one ever answered. I left several voice mails and no one ever called me back. I'm done with Rip Curl now. I heard the wetuits are great but I would stay away from the gloves if you expect to get more than a few months out of them.

I personally will stick with the Xcel suits or I might go back to West suits which were great for me too.  Good luck with whatever you pick. If you do get rip curl, it's probably wise to get it from a shop. I bought it online. The shop will return the product for you.

Thanks. I wasn't expecting the kinetik quads. How much do you weigh and how do they surf on the wide tail board? I'm looking to keep that skatey feel because the board planshape will take care of he speed.

I'll have to look at the stretchy one's take on the controllers. If I get to talk to the man, that would make my day.

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