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Shore Points - Jersey Surf Information / Deal/Roosevelt ave/ All done
« on: August 07, 2016, 10:10:30 PM »
Beatifull beach day today, headed to the usual place we have been using all summer. Staircase blocked, no access, big machines moving a lot of sand and I am sure by end of week beach will filled in north up and past the Elberon beach club. Surfing is all but done in this area. Was a great run. Still hit the beach further north and it was still nice but the north sand replenishment looks like its headed south so wont be long till they meet.

For a while will be forever or at least until i am dead. My teen age son wanted to surf Sunday so we left a hot sunny home and 15 minutes later parked on a frigid Hathaway ave in a massive T-storm. Could not figure out why all the cars with a storm like this, figured any surfers would be getting out of the lighting. Anyway storm passes and we take a look at top of the rocks and now I know who the cars belong to, its all the workers putting down the new sand. All the jetties are buried so surfing and striper fishing are now buried with them. I was so bummed as well as cold, I just went home, had no heart to look at other beaches. No amount of erosion will matter, the Army will just dump new sand like they do in Sea Bright/Monmouth Beach/West End. Deal was the last hold out on replenishment, man are they gona be pissed when the next storm surge rides that new higher beach right over the sea wall and into their homes.

yea i should use spell check, but im to lazy and as far as nuns go, oh boy do i know nuns, i hope they are in heaven now the ones who cracked me at good shepherd school back in the early 1970's in Inwood (Manhattan) not 5 towns.

Slapped in the head over surfing? Thats insane to assualt someone over surfing.
Good luck bee, although I would not waste time going to west end, they dumped enough sand on that beach to make it a dessert.

Asking for spots is like asking Striper fisherman where the fish are or what place the ducks are for duck hunters.

No one is going to tell you. There is no such thing as a beginner beach, some breaks work better then others due to tide/wind/swell/new sand and other variables. You just have to go out and scout places, see what works for you. Belmar/Spring Lake have more surfers then other towns. Take a look at a map, drive around get a sense of where to park a car and where not to park, what jetties still are around and what might be good for you. I have seen some very crowded surf spots but contrary to popular opion most people are friendy enough to new surfers as long as you learn not to paddle right through the waves that people are trying to ride. Still can't figure out why so many people feel a need to paddle straight out to the line up instead of walking down the beach a 100 yards and then paddle out.
Good luck its a big ocean and no one owns it.

I am no lover of SUP's, but i bet the fun and games end the next time when the SUP dude says sorry for spearing you, i thought you were a shark.

Wow, that is amazing. That must have been a cool thing to have experienced for that diver. I always get a bit worried when I am on a board and some dolphins  swim by, I guess i can rest easy.

Columbia? long way from the U.W.S. to the beach. I would put URI in North Kingston RI way over Columbia.
Pepperdine is beyond beatifull as is all of Malibu.

Seen plenty of Dolphins around, luckly no dead ones.

Shore Points - Jersey Surf Information / Re: Oh crud
« on: August 01, 2013, 07:59:44 PM »
The project will never end, sand pumpeb up, sand washed away, sand pumped up, sand washes away, etc...
I have to admit I have no better solution and when a storm comes and washes away the sand you usually get a few days to a week of great surfing.

Shore Points - Jersey Surf Information / Re: Oh crud
« on: July 24, 2013, 08:56:08 PM »
Dear Monmouth Beach Residents, Due to piping plover issues, the ACOE Emergency Beach Replenishment Project dredge will now start in Monmouth Beach instead of Sea Bright. The work will begin today with the staging of equipment at the north end of the Pavilion parking lot. Pumping is expected to begin on Thursday just north of the Long Branch Beach border and proceed north to the Sea Bright border. It is anticipated that this work for the Monmouth Beach segment will take about 30 days to complete. There will be a 1,000 foot buffer section, which will move north each day as the work progresses. We recognize that the timing of this project may present some inconveniences for our beachgoers and we apologize in advance. Obviously, the borough is anxious to accommodate the timing and needs of this project in order to have our beach replenished for the protection of our town. Please attend the information session on Tuesday, July 23 if you have any questions. Sincerely, Mayor Sue Howard, Commissioner Jim Cunniff, & Commissioner Bill McBride Sea Bright/Monmouth Beach - ACOE Emergency Beach Replenishment Project Public Information Session Tuesday, July 23, 6pm at Monmouth Beach School Sea Bright/Monmouth Beach - ACOE Emergency Beach Replenishment Project - Public Information Session: Tuesday, July 23 at 6pm at Monmouth Beach School. Hurricane Sandy severely impacted large portions of the northeastern United States. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ previously constructed beach erosion control and storm risk reduction project along the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey from Sea Bright to Manasquan was impacted with the storm causing the loss of roughly 5 million cubic yards of sand during the storm. The renourishment in Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach is being done at full federal expense and as a result of two statutory authorities: 1) the Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies Act, PL 84-99 which authorizes the Corps of Engineers to repair projects after a large event like Hurricane Sandy, and 2) the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 (the Sandy Relief Bill, or PL 113-2) that authorizes the Corps of Engineers to restore previously projects impacted by Hurricane Sandy to their original design profile The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is partnering with the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection to repair and restore the Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach section of the Sea Bright to Manasquan beach erosion control and storm risk reduction project.. Thank you for using the The Borough of Monmouth Beach GovOnline System! If you have any questions, please contact GovOnline System help center. Regards, The Borough of Monmouth Beach GovOnline System PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MAIL. This mail has been automatically generated and you will not receive a response.

Shore Points - Jersey Surf Information / Re: Oh crud
« on: July 23, 2013, 09:01:59 PM »
Has not been all that good this spring/summer anyway. Sand on, next storm sand gone. Been watching this shovel ready project for the last 15 years.

"old sandbags, new mattresses, horse troughs, and beer" sounds a bit like some Manhattan College dorm rooms I ventured into 30 years ago.

Cleaned up nice overnight, still cold though.

I moved out of the City to the jersey shore in 92, and I remember the "beach" in sea bright prior to the sand replenshiment. Hardley any beach at the main lot down to Donivon's reef bar. Some beach at the free beach (just north of the rumson bridge, and then some beach up to the last beach club. Fishing and surfing were great with the jetties sticking way into the ocean. North of the beach clubs up to Sandy Hook, the ocean rolled up against the sea wall, may be at low tide there was some sand, but not much. Monmouth beach, where in the video the bulldozers are, was not any better, ocean up against sea wall down to Big Monmouth beach club, which had a decent beach, no beach in front of the two towers and then again some beach at little monmouth. Long branch 7 president park was in better shape but still had only 20-25 percent of beach it does now. They (the Army C of E) did the beach replenshiment in 95 and killed the fishing, surfing and made even have a after work swim no fun. You take two steps into the water and would be up to your head, it was like walking off a cliff. Anyway in the past 13 or so years I have witnessed that sand, get washed away and then replaced about 3 possibly 4 times already. Sometimes the sand stays for a few years, slowly being eaten away and sometimes its gone with one huge storm. Sandy was unusally in that storms take away the sand but the buildings remain, this time everything was taken away. So if this is an engineered beach, Ill take the Christmas trees. There is no reason now that that process can not start, yea some views would be lost, some beach would be not able to be used to play on, but it beats pumping sand every winter. Unless your the sand pump guy.

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