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I live in the area, Flanders to be exact but this is where I surf year round. My brother in law has a boat at the commercial dock too. We both agree its a total waste of money.
There is a way to fix the situation that pleases all of us but they will never do it. They rather flush the money down the toilet after every storm instead of a real solution.

The town is almost impossible to deal with and I wouldn't want to be the one to try and change their minds.

Im all for standing together and will show my support. We should try to get surfrider involved if that's still a thing.

Worn a handful of times. In excellent condition. Always rinsed with fresh water and properly hung after each use. Quick drying suit. Two sessions a day no problem it will be dry.


Kinda lol


Bought From Bunger Sayville and worn twice. Too big on me now. Located Eastern Suffolk.


Awesome shots!

Anyone here train? I started over a year ago and cant believe I didn't start sooner.

I saw this on the other site. Supposedly they will be flying to Hawaii. I hope they do Islip to HI

In excellent condition. Only 4 surfs on them.

Will also trade for future fins


Joaquin 2 years ago something like 22 straight days

Chris you keep a log or something? I cant remember anything

and there won't be anything left tomorrow

Haven't gotten to surf much of Jose so far, unfortunately - and the times I've ben out, Jose has been.....cranky. Not an easy wave by me so far. Hope y'all are faring better than I have so far!

I haven't had much luck either Seacliff. Mostly closeouts by me, I guess I need to travel

 This board is in like new condition. Only ridden a handful of times. Just bought it two weeks ago. HAs FCS 2 fins system. Dane tail pad.
6'0" X 19 1/4 X 2 5/16 volume 30.1

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