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But Mavericks's is a go for tomorrow.

Who are your picks for the final? I'm going with Greg Long, Mark Healy and....

Maybe Twiggy.

Should be fun!

I was at Haleiwa two weeks ago for the Reef Hawaiian Pro and had a really nice talk with Freddy Pattachia.

I told him that I was from Long Beach (I thanked him for the Instagram picture of him on the old boardwalk) and he said that he loved the contest here and was hoping that they would come back. He said that everyone treated them very well and they enjoyed the fan support.

So as far as the surfers go they would love to come back. Now it's up to QS to find the $$$ and for the City of LB to be a good partner.

Everyone was spread out today so any spot you pick will have at least a few people in the water.

I'm in the West End so I would assume that the East End is about the same.

Have fun...

I spend two weeks a month in Oahu so here goes:

Sweet Home Cafe for hot pot. The more people the better but be prepared to wait especially at peak times

Leonard's. Definitely.

Town in Kaimuki for a nicer dinner. The head chef is an LI guy so his pasta is good.

I like Kona Kai sushi in the same area.

In downtown Honolulu I love Lucky Belly. Great ramen.  Little Village right next door is also good. I love's got cool buildings but can be sketchy so keep your eyes open.

Bubbie's for mochi's. Again...line will be long at peak times but it moves and the ice cream is awesome.

If you are near the airport (Kalihi) Alicia's Market is awesome. Again...sketchy neighborhood but kalua pig, smoked brisket and roast pork are awesome.

I very rarely eat in Waikiki but Fatty's Chinese is my favorite. Cheap, quick and pretty good. Did I mention cheap and quick?

On the North Shore stop at Ted's and have the chocolate haupia pie. Their loco moco is good but if you have it...don't plan on being hungry again anytime soon.

I also like the Waialua Bakey in Haeiwa. Good sandwiches, smoothies and cookies.

Definitely rent a kayak or SUP and go up the Haleiwa river to see the turtles. I usually rent from Surf 'n Sea but there are a few places around.

I also like the beach at Kaena Point. The local guys tell me that it's a spiritual place for the Hawaiians (and maybe not a good place?) so it really isn't that crowded. It's also right near Camp Erdman which with the Other's camp in "Lost."

South shore high surf advisory is set to expire tonight (Wednesday) but the waves are the best I've seen on the south shore in over a year.

Parking near the marina next to the Hilton Hawaiian Village is always available but you may have to pay. It's really cheap so it's not a big deal.

And...I recommend the Hilton Hawaiian Village fireworks on a Friday night. It's a short show but it's fun and you can have a drink at the Ilikai, The Modern (my favorite) or even the Hilton. But traffic isn't great so plan ahead.


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