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i want to stay in the room with the dirty green towel.

wow, you're getting soft in your old age.
When are people going to learn? The best waves to learn on are in hell. Now go kill yourself.

(Let's bring "go kill yourself" back)

(I don't actually advocate killing yourself)

(I heard hell does actually have pretty good waves though)

love it, it is so cute!

I'm too scared to watch Mark's video, b/c it has crackie losing his board, but I do remember the video was really good.
Here's a pic from the same day.

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Re: CL goodie
« on: February 22, 2014, 08:42:03 PM »

hmm, will PM you for more info. I have SC's old 6'0" and it is way too big for me. Such a great board though.

When they are right they are really fun. Otherwise  there is face planting involved .

Oohh.. I just saw this pretty little ..Lost fishy thing in the window of Moku, and if it's in the 5'6"-5'8"x20x2.5 range, it may be findings a new home soon.  ;D

5'5"/148/ability subject to interpretation  ::)
Intended conditions: Small summer days
Fin setup: Didn't see how it's set up, but I'll take it as a Quad or 2+1
I have my eye on seacliffs cast-offs :)

Cabo in february for five days, have never been. Hopefully find some waves. San clemente for shorter work trip. Would love to go to NZ this year, trying to figure out how to make that happen.
Omg family campervan trip 2015!!! See you at whangamata, we'll be the ones with the ny Yankees towel drying on the hood (calling Greg b!)

Meanwhile we r in the Barbados countdown. Going with the extended family, will be so fun!

I'm posting for friends who are moving and thinning the quiver. Boards are in N. Bellmore. Please contact them not me
[email protected]

$250 - Lost SDII. In great condition. 2 small dings and a couple of pressure dings. Glassed on fins.
6.4 x 19.5 x 2.5

$175 - JC Hawaii Torpedo. Bought for $500 brand new. Has one repair (see mid section back of board) Great all around board for any condition. Tri fin set up. Future fins.
6.0 x 18.75 x 2.35

yes, that made for a slightly weird surf today

Ugh treating our cat for a hyperthyroidism cost the same.

As Crackie said, Point View is the cheapest. They are also very nice. It is a quiet place, most people there are elderly snowbirds from Canada who spend the winter. They do have two pools and are next door to Zed's, which has a constant onshore longboard wave and there is also a little cove for swimming.

We have stayed at another rental within walking distance of two major surf breaks. Actually, stayed at this place twice, once in a one bedroom and the next time in the two. The two bedroom is really nice.

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