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A girl who was taking photos at rock was nice enough to send me some shots. As usual I am slightly horrified at how I look but hey I did make it out of this one and a few others during a very brief window of non-closeouts.

I like the linger and pan back to girl in white shorts with wedgie at the end.

4 day Ganesh holiday starting Friday. Expect banana and coconut sightings. If you want to see the full deal go to north channel bridge on the east side. There will be a blanket of bananas, empty milk jugs, etc.

Wow that is a ticket out of the rat race for someone with the savings. Ditto on positive web ordering experience...

ugh i know, i just saw the spelling error. duh!

Was at the beach at 103 today. Around 1, 1:30 we saw two dolphins surface and dive back down, repeating this as they headed west, and soon after there may have been at least 10 more following them. It was awesome. No photo evidence but even the little kiddies got to make an amazing memory of summer 2014!

Just saw this. If you change your mind and need some more $ just holler.

If you are serious get a real board with real fins. Or a fin (single fin). A beater is fine but it needs to be watertight.
8 foot give or take. That's a bit of a weird size though, most longboards are 9 or more. At your size look for an 8-9 foot log, or a 7-8 foot funshape.
Finally, surfing is a long learning process, and that includes the simplest aspects, like turning a board while sitting on it.

This is the funniest thread I've read in awhile
You are all welcome, it seems our trip to Cali has made waves back in NY.
That board is so Dorado eight years ago. Not sure what he's turning over these days...
The Nsp we rented is a sad excuse for a board. The soft top option may have been better. Locals are offering to loan me boards it is so sad. Nonetheless, I've caught a few fun ones. Relatively speaking. So flat except for every 32 minutes.

Oh jeez my bad. It was all shorepound.

I was lucky enough to surf twice today. Dp was meh, partly due to my board choice and BC the tone of dp is a really unfun. My parents came out late morning and I took full advantage of some free babysitting. Better board and fun with old friends. All in all the Rockaway sandbars survived the replenishment far better than I thought and I'm happily surfed out .

You could just give it to me.

Kent is a really nice person and he was a huge help to us after Sandy. He had come out to help demo a friend's basement and showed up later at our house, unasked, power tools in hand. Seems like the article isn't so well written and that he has some nice intentions.

You need an intervention.

Our daughter is turning 3 this weekend and it is time to purge some baby toys. We have wooden puzzles (animals, vehicles, etc), a wooden activity cube, plastic stacking blocks, baby legos, some soft books, etc. Toys range from barely used to seen better days but functional. We are in Rockaway Beach.

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