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actually i'm dumb to sell this, i'm and keeping it for our kid!


Posting this again with a price drop. $200 + $25 for MR fins
 6'0" blue Lost Aviso RNF.
This is a perfect travel board but it is too big for me. I'm only 135, this could float up to 200.
I'm selling it at this low price b/c the original owner had an unfortunate run-in with a rock jetty and the resulting damage had to be factory repaired. So the board is watertight (I have never seen a drop of water coming out of the repairs), rides perfectly, but is cosmetically not pretty at all. If you want an aviso but don't have the funds, here is your chance.
The board is in Rockaway Beach. Pix below.
I'm open to trades but please bear in mind that this board is too much volume for me. I like fishy things between 5'5" and 5'9."

are you including the fins?

Camper Van!

And in combination with this book and swell models, you are good to go

The best surf sessions we had (Crackie and I are married, the NZ trip was our pre-wedding honeymoon) were on the East Coast--Coromandel area--and we also had some great sessions on the West Coast at lesser known breaks that we found in the book. While we did surf Raglan, it wasn't good and there are many more uncrowded options to discover.

Our NZ trip was in 2006 and is hands down my favorite trip, surf and otherwise, ever.

My kick turn is still uglier than the Big Dawg's pop-up, said Crackie-O on Jammy's computer.

Well, I guess that gets me out of pushing bb on the swing :/

just got my xcel from whiskey, also an infiniti, and it's perfect (well, almost, i still wish the shoulders were a pinch bigger but they'll be fine). like snaggle i need a tall size and those are hard to come by. the last xcel i tried was a regular size and it was too wide. i went a size smaller and with a tall and voila!
the suit was relatively easy to put on and the design is really good compared to the roxy/quiksilver i have been wearing. and of course, new neoprene is just so nice. the true test is in the water of course.

in time for my wetsuit arrival is a long flat spell. you're welcome everyone.

i have an old 8T o'neill 5/4/3 to give away. it was my back up suit and now it is just unneeded. it "well-loved" but if someone wants an extra suit or has a female friend that wants to try winter surfing (in an old leaky suit  ;) ), it is up for grabs. for reference i'm 5'8" and 135. i think the suit would be fine for someone a little shorter.

It definitely is slim pickings for women, I'm noticing some makers not offering any hooded ladies suits this year, others only one. And if you want a bargain diligent  then internet hunting is needed. After @ankleslapper posted i did bite on an Xcel on whiskey pvt stash, thanks for the heads up @Mayday . Hopefully it will fit.

thanks ankleslapper!
i think we had the same o'neill, it wasn't a psycho ii though, those were super duper expensive...

In reality it sounds like your suit doesn't fit right if it's that awful to get on and off.
you're definitely right. the problem i have is that if a suit fits me in the shoulders/back it will be too large everywhere else. i should also add that this was the first time i put on my 5/4 this year. And finally boobs really are a problem with neck entry suits. Unless you have pecs like vin diesel you probably don't know what this is like.

and one last question: anyone use a suit without taped seams? all mine have always had those and now i'm seeing a lot of suits below the $300 mark without taped seams, only with critically reinforced taped bits.

i would love to hear from women about 5/4 hooded suit preferences. i've gone through 2 o'neills and am considering retiring a roxy 5/4. the neck area is ripping clear down the shoulder and pieces of the suit are just coming off. i may sew it (i already repaired the hood that my cat clawed) and just gut it out one more year. anyway, are there any women's suits that are decent? and that you can put on without breaking into a flop sweat and getting a boob stuck up by your ear? and then paddle in without feeling like you are in a straight jacket? and then get out of without wondering if you are going to injure yourself or suffocate in the process?

my favorite suit was the second o'neill. it was a back zip which you just can't find anymore in a 5/4. i loved it so much and the rear velcro attachment of the hood wasn't much of a flushing issue. far preferable to the ripping shoulder.


The possible associations are endless

This one has been posted and reposted enough tines that I cannot help but alert folks to the amazing american apparel style sales tactic.

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