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I thought I was buying a kid's wetsuit, this was listed as "girls" on ebay. This is clearly a women's size 6 so it is up for grabs.
New without tags, $25 (half of retail).

I'm in Rockaway.

xcel size 6 [size=78%]105-115lb, 34" chest.[/size]

Happy Birthday!!!

Riding Seacliffs old Lost RNF Aviso past two days. No longer for sale.

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Perfect board for these days! Glad it's been in the water and is in good hands!
i rode it too.  :D

Have you considered speaking with the study abroad adviser at your university? Why won't the credits transfer? Aside from a memorable experience, how will these courses impact or play into your academic goals? There are a bazillion places to surf and study abroad and if you more fully consider your academic criteria than a decision may be easier to come by. I teach at a university and if you are 20 then graduation is coming sooner than you think. The semester away could be a terrific asset in your career planning.

me too Jammy..... :( :)
Hope you are feeling okay...I'm not gonna complain about my dumb ankle to you!

i'm taking one for the team, swell courtesy of a sprained ankle. whine whine.

We have a car seat for up to about 35lbs

We've got a beat up city mini w/tray, pack n play, 2 high chairs, wood puzzles, wood activity cube. Probably more. Just want to clear out the storage, so free free free.

Don't know them but have been impressed with what I read about them. Oddly enough, Fifty cent is doing a liquor launch at a local liquor store and it is benefitting them.

Friends of Rockaway are.


Brought to you by gems of craigslist...

No access, will someone cut and paste?

That was one of Kevin's finer pieces

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