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I'm interested. Any pix? Where are you?

You're killing me


I don't think I could live with myself if I went to Stony Brook (LI), y'know because of Billy Joel.

Yes, it runs that deep.
Don't be ridiculous. Get the stonybrook info!!!!!! love your wife

So she's a 6 or 8 depending on the brand

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Wtb kids wetsuits
« on: January 29, 2018, 07:11:25 PM »
I've been sourcing suits on eBay but if anyone has kids wetsuits to sell please let me know. We would be interested in a 3/2 that fits a kid who is 4'2" and growng :) We might need a spring suit too...last year's may fit or not, she's grown so much.

beautiful board...price? location?

Yes, I saw that, very amazing board, but sadly I'm on a lower budget. I've pretty much combed CL for weeks to no avail.

Just a feeler, looking for a traditional twin keel shaped fish but with fin boxes instead of glass ons. Sacrilege I know but I want to be able to travel with it. I'm really enjoying my beat up Walker twin with glass ons--great as a groveler and it really excels in larger waves as well. But when traveling as a family I can't imagine packing it up with 2 other boards.

5'6"-5'8" range, 33-36liters. Shorter is ok if the volume is there. I have a 29 liter roberts so don't need a low volume board and not interested in bigger boards nor do I like quads. TIA if anyone has anything post it up. I'm in Rockaway.

cloth diapers!
bum genius!
buy em used on CL and yes they are already peed in...

Looking for springsuit or 3/2. Our daughter is 45" and 45 lbs. We are in Rockaway.

Just a thought on board shape, no matter who you go with. I'd keep some width/volume in nose. Too narrow and you may regret the loss of wave catching ability the fuller nose offers. My .02 (I don't know the boards you are referring to, so pardon if this is a given)

Thanks, was wondering!

or is the board 5'6"...anyway, discuss

Anyone have experience with either the T1 or AMT twin + trailer fins? I have a Roberts Diamond Fish that I've ridden as a quad (meh) and thruster (ok). I've read that the twin + trailer works great on this model, which makes me happy b/c this is pretty much the setup I like the most on other boards. Looking for any intel before I purchase a pricey set of fins (or get Crackie to buy them for my birthday).
Bear in mind I'm 5'8" and about 136 and the board is 5'5".
Mostly wondering which set might be better for me. I'm a very mediocre surfer  ;D  and don't like waves much beyond head high.
[/size]The AMT was designed by legendary Channel Islands creator, Al Merrick, for Rob Machado’s Robber model surfboard. The AMT generates maximum speed, drive and hold through big carves to perform around pointbreaks or lined up beach breaks. The AMT’s honeycomb material give this fin a medium flex pattern while the large area provides ample hold in powerful waves. The AMT includes a small trailer for additional stability and performance.
[/color][/size]The T1 Honeycomb is Future’s twin-fin design for down the line drive, speed and smooth rail-to-rail feel that iconic twin-fin surfing is known for.  The T1 Honeycomb’s medium flex pattern offers a slightly softer flex pattern compared to the Fiberglass option, helping to generate additional drive in softer conditions and is equipped with a small trailer for stability through bottom and top turns.[size=78%][/color]

Wow, I had tons of fun. At high tide. With just one other person. No complaints!!!!

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