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I'm posting for friends who are moving and thinning the quiver. Boards are in N. Bellmore. Please contact them not me
[email protected]

$250 - Lost SDII. In great condition. 2 small dings and a couple of pressure dings. Glassed on fins.
6.4 x 19.5 x 2.5

$175 - JC Hawaii Torpedo. Bought for $500 brand new. Has one repair (see mid section back of board) Great all around board for any condition. Tri fin set up. Future fins.
6.0 x 18.75 x 2.35

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Trade for Aviso RNF?
« on: November 10, 2013, 04:04:13 PM »
i have a 6'0" blue aviso rnf that i bought from seacliff. if you've been on nynj a while you know this board. it went through the ringer...long story short it has been repaired by the folks at lost due to an unfortunate encounter with the jetty at the NSSS. it is a little ugly in a couple spots but watertight and it is going to ding you before it gets dinged. carbon fiber makes for a great travel board too.

anyway, it is a very fast board but is just far too much volume for me. i don't have to get rid of it but figured i'd put out a feeler if anyone has a groveler in the 5'6" to 5'8" range. i'll consider anything below 5'10". no mini-simmons, no no. i don't have a mustache.

trades only

one of my best surf pals is looking for a bigger board, something like an egg or a fun shape or a mini-mal, so she can up her wave count on the rare occasion she gets to surf. she's a mom and moved inland last year, so it is hard for her to get in the water.
she's a solid surfer and has been riding a 5'10" fish, she just wants more board so she can get more waves. we missed the board swap/sale at rbsc, wondering if we missed any good boards for her or if anyone has anything they want to clear out of the garage. thanks!

Our reception is Thursday July 18, 6-8 pm, hope folks will stop by! Our full project can be seen at

SUSANNAH RAY:  What are the Wild Waves Saying
Featuring audio by Jen Poyant
July 18 - September 7, 2013
Opening reception with the artists - July 18th, 6 - 8pm
Bonni Benrubi Gallery is pleased to present a new project by Rockaway artist Susannah Ray and WNYC radio producer Jen Poyant entitled "What are the Wild Waves Saying". The exhibition will include 14 new images from Ray presented with Poyant's audio score. The show examines the effects last year's hurricane had on the community of the Rockaways in New York, both on the lives of people who have chosen to call the area home, and on the environment itself.
Last year, hurricane Sandy's seventeen foot surge pushed across the peninsula of the Rockaways, leaving behind water-logged basements and first floors, their remnants piled in front of home after home, block after block. The boardwalk, which nearly ran the length of the peninsula, was severed from its concrete foundation, slammed into shorefront homes and deposited on cars. It was an unprecedented disaster in the Rockaways and countless other coastal communities, where the scale and scope of the trauma, suffering and uncertainty would unfold slowly in the following weeks and months.
People told tales of survival, digging out, rebuilding, and hoping for things to get back to normal. Each person's story reflects a long history of settlement along the peninsula, from the close-knit Breezy Point community on the west end all the way to Far Rockaway on the east. The floodwaters united the disparate populations of the peninsula through shared trauma and struggle, yet as they receded and the clean-up dragged on, longstanding differences resurfaced.

What are the Wild Waves Saying documents the lingering aftermath of the storm and the individuals that comprise the complex community of the Rockaways. The audio interviews and photographic portraits delve into each subject's storm story and uncover the deep connections to the land and the sea.

Susannah Ray began photographing landscapes as an undergraduate at Princeton University. Later, at the School of Visual Arts MFA program in Photography and Related Media, she began to make landscape photography as a kind of geography, "a visual rendering of the complicated nexus of geology, history, and ideology".  Jen Poyant is a senior producer for WNYC's The Takeaway. She holds a Master's degree in Cultural and Critical Studies from the University of London, Birkbeck College
Exhibition Dates: July 18th - September 9th, 2013
Opening reception with the artists - Thursday July 18th, 6 - 8 pm
Summer gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 10 - 6 pm

Please contact the Bonni Benrubi Gallery with inquiries or for more information:
[email protected]

Bonni Benrubi Gallery
41 East 57th Street   
New York, NY 10022     

from my office window i can see one of those 2 wheeled trailers that you put kids in behind a bike. it has been put out on the sidewalk and has rubbish in it, so i'm not sure what condition it is in, but if you're wanting to make a longboard trailer take a walk down b.92 on the bay side. east side of street, near beach channel drive.

you guys are amazing, thank you from the bottom of my heart! i'm overwhelmed with appreciation.
they spent a long, filthy day hauling stuff out of our basement. mark shlepped the whole crackie jammy clan from brooklyn where we are camping out at night.

if people have transport or will take the bus (Q53 is running) we need help down in rock. just moving all the ruined, waterlogged stuff is a huge endeavor, and a lot of us have kids we have to mind while trying to get this done. then there is the sopping up of goo and then demo.
i'm not on the board or the internet, i barely get email on my phone, so if you want to help, come to B.91st street on the bayside, ask around for rob or susannah and we will get you working. if you have knee high boots and waterproof gloves, even better.

what is up making a surf video using go-pro video of yourself? or anyone else for that matter? it is like watching a video of someone masturbating.
sorry, this has been bothering me for some time now.

Nice feature on my work (you'll see some familiar faces) on

Sorry for the random post, but I'm not having much craigslist luck...if anyone has a Little Tikes or Step 2 playhouse that their kids have outgrown (or if your neighbor has one), we will take it off your hands. We're on a budget and live in Rock, so cheap and close is what I'm looking for.

Free Ikea patio set painted blue. One chair is broken, but the rest of the set seems ok. Table with hole drilled in middle for umbrella, bench, and chair. See lower left of photo. That was taken right after we painted it, the set now needs painting again.
Good for a bungalow share?
Also, we may have a couch for grabs if my students don't get it together to come pick it up. More on that later.

29[email protected]&tid=&zsegid=7

if you think you will order something and don't mind PMing me your email, i can send you an invite to the site and i get a $15 credit if you make a purchase. this is by no means why i'm posting the link but it would be a bonus for me.

this one is my fave!

just got an xcel 3/2 from and it doesn't fit me correctly. i am planning on returning it, but i thought i'd see if there was any interest before i bother shipping it back back. this is a $240 wetsuit that was on sale, we got it for $151 with shipping. yours for $140 non-negotiable.

double-glued, blind-stitched, inner taped seams
off center zip for comfort
inner baffle
size 8T (5'7"-5'10")
color black with acid blue

here is the link

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