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 if you read a thread some of the responses have sheaf of papers next to them, and a few have a little cellphone. i click on it and it re-loads the page.
i don't understand.

sorry for the rock-centric, and in particular 96th street, thread. but a good warning for all...

another car window was busted in (and i'm assuming the car robbed) in front of the construction site at the end of the block. basically the same area where PEFA was broken into and where there are no streetlights. the same area where there is a ton of glass all over the street and sidewalk b/c there have been many smashed windows of late. at least the cops were talking to the woman so maybe they are aware of the problem we're having.

this car was an SUV--so is PEFA's, right? so you team freeloader types pay special heed, if you freeload overnight do not park at the end of the block. all of you have nice shiny monster trucks. i think you'd be better off on shorefront if necessary. my honda is old and junky looking but if i have to park at the ocean end of the block i park all the way at the end, in front of the new condos, under a street lamp. and if you do get broken into, please tell the police, we have enough trouble on this block and we need them to know about it!

for the love of god psycho, do not give in to bride's yearning for a mini-cooper.

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / taking a day off is hard
« on: May 16, 2006, 08:43:33 AM »
my back is still not 100% and after 3 days of surfing i was feeling a warning twinge. so i decreed today a day off and i'm sticking to it. which is hard b/c crackie was up at the crackie of dawn and i really wanted to join him! it sounds like a very fun session with some nice chest high waves and offshores so mazel tov to the DPers! but i'm trying to be smart and think of the bigger picture. like a pain free trip. its just so easy to surf through pain! the aftermath is the problem and i also fear the return of EVIL JAMMY.

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / C'MON PEOPLE
« on: May 12, 2006, 09:41:41 AM »
time to start forecasting for yourselves. i really don't mean to pick on mario and i would bet most of us do our own forecasting and just like confirmation from the guru. i totally do that for here. but imo the best thing LN ever did for any of us was stop doing his cast when the controversy started on newyorksurf. it was like having the bottle pulled out with a bitch slap to boot.   must    learn   to    read    swell   models   . now one of my favorite parts of traveling is looking at swell models starting months beforehand, figuring out swell patterns and dominant wind patterns (goddamn onshores on the west coast of NZ!!!). there are dozens of sites to check out, PR's got a nearshore model on surfline so it couldn't be easier. the coolest thing in my book is when i've established a forecast for the week and voila! nature obliges. and when she doesn't, its fascinating to figure out why. that recent thread between LN and surfdawg was barely comprehensible for an average human, but enlightening nonetheless as to why we can watch systems blow up and never hit our shores. or why when they technically shouldn't get to us we get some nice wavos anyway.

you can do it!

Hi all. As some of you already know, I have a number of photos featured in the July issue of Transworld Surf Magazine, which, despite its date, actually hits the newstands this month, possibly this week. I just got my advance copies and the photos look amazing. They accompany an article about Rockaway written by Stefan Marti. He captures Rockaway in its depth and complexity with eloquence. I realize we all have very mixed feelings about the publicizing of an already crowded break that many of us call home and I take responsibility for particpating in this. However, I hope everyone understands that people in California, Australia, and Florida, will read about our scene with the same intense interest that we have when reading about Trestles, Bells, or South Beach (on the rare day that it goes off). In his editor's note, Joel Patterson, gives serious props to the east coast surfers who brave a blizzard just to get their stoke on and I am thrilled that in addition to the article, Joel takes a moment to recognize dedication and real Aloha.

Thanks to everyone who has patiently allowed me to make their picture, particularly to Rockbum, Dylan, Little Nasty, Guppy, Blueberry, Gotham Surfer, and a few nameless faces (and feet) who make appearances in this issue. I would also like to thank Psycho for organizing the Rockumentary, which makes a cameo on the jump page. My quick shot does not compare to SportPixel's, since mine was off the cuff, but it does show the Family in its entirety. Most surf breaks don't have such a thing and we are truly lucky.

I will bring a copy to the Offshore/On Board opening and leave it at the show for the duration.


Susannah Ray

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