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I'm interested. Any pix? Where are you?

Wow, I had tons of fun. At high tide. With just one other person. No complaints!!!!

Riding Seacliffs old Lost RNF Aviso past two days. No longer for sale.

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Perfect board for these days! Glad it's been in the water and is in good hands!
i rode it too.  :D

This one has been posted and reposted enough tines that I cannot help but alert folks to the amazing american apparel style sales tactic.

Wow, amazing coincidence. And thank you for your kind words. That project was a work of passionate response to personal and community devastation. I'm always so glad to hear it continues to be meaningful.

A girl who was taking photos at rock was nice enough to send me some shots. As usual I am slightly horrified at how I look but hey I did make it out of this one and a few others during a very brief window of non-closeouts.

Was at the beach at 103 today. Around 1, 1:30 we saw two dolphins surface and dive back down, repeating this as they headed west, and soon after there may have been at least 10 more following them. It was awesome. No photo evidence but even the little kiddies got to make an amazing memory of summer 2014!

I was lucky enough to surf twice today. Dp was meh, partly due to my board choice and BC the tone of dp is a really unfun. My parents came out late morning and I took full advantage of some free babysitting. Better board and fun with old friends. All in all the Rockaway sandbars survived the replenishment far better than I thought and I'm happily surfed out .

Kent is a really nice person and he was a huge help to us after Sandy. He had come out to help demo a friend's basement and showed up later at our house, unasked, power tools in hand. Seems like the article isn't so well written and that he has some nice intentions.

I'm too scared to watch Mark's video, b/c it has crackie losing his board, but I do remember the video was really good.
Here's a pic from the same day.

Oohh.. I just saw this pretty little ..Lost fishy thing in the window of Moku, and if it's in the 5'6"-5'8"x20x2.5 range, it may be findings a new home soon.  ;D

5'5"/148/ability subject to interpretation  ::)
Intended conditions: Small summer days
Fin setup: Didn't see how it's set up, but I'll take it as a Quad or 2+1
I have my eye on seacliffs cast-offs :)