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hes goin to south protrogal  and dont know what wettie to bring  any help would be appreciated from him... thanx

or has the days been getting longer?

you really love me!

in all reality   what do i have to do to get surfrider to handle a few serious rockaway issues?

5-8 ketchele stub fish fcs plugs... needs fins ... good conditions... water tight... weird channels out the tail of the board ...

175 obo

... IDEA..i have a friend who is the bouncer at this strip club in the city  i think its called 10's  its on 21st between broadway and...something else... he said i show up with whomever and were in with no cover... pluss hell hook us up with drinks  anyone interested?


hahahahahahaha whiteboys....

for u guys to email [email protected] your just ask jake questions....

tfo is fine  lving live havin a blast...

nadaman broke his board and is now surfing a rented soft top and drinking huge amounts of cerveza...

and py snapped his merrick and is layed up in a puertorican hospital from hitting the reef and has to get a ton of urchant spines out of him...

that is all...

happy b day... ur almost old enuf to drink in rockaway...

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