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This is amazing

Bump... someone make a good offer

The proper is locked away in a safe...  ;)... but I'm still lookin to unload this board

Bump again before hurricane season

Only if somewhere around 300 $ is in the bag with it...

Yup.... the famous Anderson

Fin not included
Great hurricane board
Dims arent readable through the tint but its thick
A few small repairs.
$300 obo

Thanks.... any specific exercises you were doing or avoiding? And poses or stretches you'd suggest

Hey guys, yes its me Jake... long time no post... life has been busy...

I paddled out this morning for the first time in a very long time... longer then id care to admit.... it didnt go as bad as i expected, but im battling a new challenge.  After an on the job back injury i suffered in January ive developed sciatic nerve pain starting in my left buttocks and radiating to my calf. The pain is the worst when lying prone to paddle and durring pop ups....
Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks...

P.s. getting old sucks...

Not worth much... ill give him 200 bucks

Ill be attending the evening session of the wake and will be leaving rockaway with room for a couple of peeps in the car at around 630. Hit me up if you need a ride

Awsome.  Check pm's

I wish I still had it in me to rant and rave...

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