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Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / Its been a long time...
« on: January 28, 2014, 02:55:08 PM »
Its been a very long time, too long actually since Ive actually done anything surf related. pretty much since Sandy ripped through my life and changed the game for me and my family. Ive wasted a lot of time, Ive found myself making excuses for not paddling out, I'm always finding reasons to not be around those who were once my closest friends and I'm over it. Ive missed too much.

Today I didn't surf, i didn't skate, i didn't even walk onto the beach, I took my board down from the rafters, stripped the wax and cleaned the filth from my flooded apartment off of it (over a year later). Now i have an ear to ear smile and instantly feel better about myself.

Its absolutely amazing what emotions you feel when you do something as simple as cleaning a board, holding a board and remembering what you can do with it. I actually want to surf again.

Just some ding repair needed, a set of boots and gloves and ill see you in the water.

------ Jake
        Finally stoked about surfing after over a year...

The Recovery Room / is thankfull for...
« on: November 21, 2012, 10:20:45 PM »
Well... everyone sound off...

Me personally; im thankfull that myself, my family and my friends are all safe and are ok...

And honestly im more than great full that everyone in my family is safe and ok after all that has happened to us...

One day when i get on a computer ill recap our sandy story cuz its too much to type on a phone, but trust me its a wild one...

Happy Turkey everyone, and remember to hug your loved ones


August 19th to the 27th... staying in Waikiki .... stoked!!!

Psycho, u are the Willy b fashion Hipster crowd doing whatever u want making an ass of your self... your the reason this nonsense is going on...

Very true... MOST surfers are clueless dickheads!  Fuck all of you at least once but most of you twice!

Cuz there fuckin retards... trying to recreate how much fun there first surf lesson at the resort was... well listen todo, your not in Kansas any more... its not all good times and fun. brown trout is dog eat dog out here... and ur ass is hamburger.

Hey guys check this out. A few friends are throwing a music festival in broad channel and a few friends bands are playing. It was fun last year and looks better this year.

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