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 JetBlue smashed the tail of my long fish.  Its more than Im comfortable repairing.  Does anyone know someone in Brooklyn that can do repairs.

This is like the World Baseball Classic... not the best surfers but you get team celebrations and all the hoopla of competing for your country

 ESPN will be streaming the contest live in HD on This partnership will mark the first time that ESPN has streamed a live ASP surfing event.

A friend of mine is an independent reporter. We got some good footage from New Dorp beach to raise awareness of the situation. CNN picked it up and asked him for some footage for Rockaway. He is trying to find someone local to guide him.
Here is his info:
Need a guide of the area for a cnn report. Contact me at 212-473-3616 today November 6th

I'm thinking of storing my boards upright in the boiler closet in my new apartment.  They are at least 4 to 6 inches away from the boiler.  I even thought I could hang the wetsuits in between.  Would this be OK for the boards?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure what to think of this:
Seems like a waste of money

I have a funny feeling that this Friday may be my last day at my current job.  Not a layoff, just a witch for a boss.  If I get fired, I would kinda of welcome it.  The biggest loss would be the paycheck.  Does anyone have any contacts in a customer service department with a call/contact center?  Any lead would be greatly appreciated.

...all the way to the Quicksilver Pro  ::)
The Atlantic basin is expected to see an above-normal hurricane season this year

I'm looking for a travel bag to take an 8'0" x 30" SUP.  Does any one have any suggestions or one that I could buy/borrow?

Surfboards up to max vol 300 cm (aprox 9'10") may be considered part of your free baggage allowance  ;D :
They fly to Chile, Peru and Ecuador  8)

...or make a call:
Larissa Riquelme



I think it will make professional surfing more interesting since there will be more new faces on a regular rotation...and more participation in the smaller events from the top names.

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