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At the point where I've paddled out and start worring about how I'm going to get back is when I hold off...but it's little too late at that point...  chalk it up to stupidity... or a big wuss.. or both... ;D

Keeping fingers crossed for Sunday - Sat is a   :-\ but who knows, it could change over night and Sat might be a go...
Gonna ride my beat-up 6'6 or maybe 6'2

For selection, you'll want to go to Brave, if you're looking for used, I'd say Inlet Outlet, if you want cutting edge Ocean Hut.

For the best local selection, its Right Coast.

Got my Walden Magic at Brave - really nice guys out there.  knocked off a $100 off the board and threw in a leash and some wax.

hey folks - faceplant here.  used to surf in LB but now doing my time at Rock.  I'm pretty sure I've seen most of the usual suspects out in the line up from this board. looking forward to seeing all of you out in the water... just started riding a longboard the other weekend - very stoked.  Usually ride a short board when there's a bigger bump. 

I'm glad to have stumbled on this site as I've been a member of of for quite some time and have found that the other board seem to have much more aggro vibe to it.  Here, it seems more mellow and given that I surf at rock instead of LI - I can relate to the postings here much more than the other site.  Not to knock on the other site - it's pretty entertaining and hilarious at times.  Besides, I'm glad to see that LN's forecast is still around although I still don't see it but nonethless, I feel more at home here.  Hopefully, I'll get a chance to put names and faces together from this board out in the water. 

What about WD-40?

Not sure what it would do to the glass though if you got some on it...

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