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Anyone know when the beach patrol calls it quits on the weekends at r**k?  Would like to bring out my dog on to the beach but not sure if this is allowed during the summer. 


Out there - hope all of you scored.  Drooling over here behind the desk.  :-[

Thank you Karen - I needed that yesterday and you didn't disappoint.  Good times, call me anytime.

Remember that jingle '...see September...' for back to school sale.  I used to hate that song when I was a kid but now, I can't wait to hear it.  Finally, summer is over and temps are starting to slowly drop and hopefully, the newbies and kooks will also start dropping from the scene.  Can't wait for old man winter...

This is a stupid question but how would you define nose riding on your board?  What constitutes nose riding - i.e.  does your toes have to hang over the nose to be considered nose riding?  I like to think that I'm nose riding on my board but always end up short of coming up to the tip of the nose so I'm hesitant to say that I can nose ride my board.

Friend of mine sent me this about bklyn water.  Sad thing is that we're surfing in this crap...

Is it me or has there been sudden increase in people selling their boards on CL and other sites?   I feel like I'm in a candy shop though I don't have any $$ but it looks like people are unloading relatively new boards.  Lots of fun shapes... which aren't so fun in my opinion...

Hopefully this is a sign of surfing fad being on the downturn and smaller crowds.

Riding the desk with a f'in cast on my right arm and checking out the NS3 in the cam especially right now is mkaing this awesome day really miserable and sucky sucky.

Thought I'd share my feelings with all of ya... >:( >:( >:( >:(

Iím hoping to get some thoughts/advice from knowledgeable folks here Ė Iíve noticed that on some days, Iím able to ride my short board decently.  (Iím not a good surfer, just a borderline kook) but on other days, I canít catch/ride a wave to save my arse and just totally kook out.  I donít know if itís the shape of the wave thatís causing me to be inconsistent or I need to rethink about how I approach a set but Iíve watched several of you folks out there and regardless of the shape/size of the wave, theyíre tearing it up.  This has been bugging me since the other weekend where I was just totally off and couldnít figure out what the hell was up.  Any suggestions or tips?

I noticed that a pretty good size sandbar has formed at NS3 Ė Iím thinking when we get something of worthy swell size (chest+), the sandbar might give us something similar to a spot on the west side on a mid to high tide Ė i.e. barrelsÖ  Whatís the likely of this sandbar lastingÖIím guessing that the jetty will wash it away over time and bring it back to what it was before.... mush...

Looking for Al Merrick Sashimi Ė 6í1 or 6í2  Hit me up if you have one that youíd like to sell or possibly trade.

Thanks for dropping the board off and giving me an awesome deal on this.  I canít wait to take her out.  I hope it wasnít too much of a pain in the a** to drop it off.  Really appreciate it.  See you out there man.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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