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Headed to Zihuatanejo next week. Debating whether or not to bring a board or rent. My two concerns are:

1) will my board make the connecting flight in mexico city?
2)will it arrive in 1 piece?

Or do I just suck it up and rent a board when I get down there? I've only traveled with a board one other time and did not have a problem, but the board was much shorter.

Considering a 6'8" long fish with glass on keels, or a 7'8" displacement hull that is way thin. The hull has already been fixed one time after getting driven into the bottom at low tide. Didn't snap, but got got all sorts of spider cracks from being flexed out.

Thanks in advance!

Anyone looking to unload a single fin in the 8' range? Must have a fin box.


I know that some of you have surfed here before. It would be a real shame if this spot disappeared. As corrupt as Mexico is, I can't speak the effectiveness of a lawsuit or whether this case would set a legal precedent. Surely a case like this in Mexico is nothing new, and I'm unaware of predicate rulings on the matter. Still, it's worth trying...

Given to me as a gift and just sits in a corner. It's been in the water one time, took it sledding once. That's it!. Comes with following:

Housing w/2 doors
Micro SD Card w/ SD and USB adapter
USB Cables (camera and remote)
Various mounting adapters
Some different 3D printed mounts that I made
A handle that i made to shoot from the water.

You'll have to supply the surfboard mounts. Make an offer before I put it on fleabay. Will post some photos later.


For Sale:

Aguilar 500SC in great shape. Includes Anvil style Roadrunner case. $500 obo.
Aguilar 112NT, 4ohms also in great condition. $300 obo

Great combo for a working musician or weekend warrior. Compact, Reliable, and Versatile.

Not interested in trades. Moving into a studio apartment and need to get rid of some stuff.

Send PM if interested.


I've been looking for a 1 bed or studio in Jersey City without any luck. Looking in the downtown area, the village, harsimus cove, hamilton, van vorst, etc. If anyone here knows of anything available immediately or in the coming months, I'd appreciate the referral. Thanks in advance!

Going to Ojai in October for a wedding. There's a contest at C Street the weekend I'm in town. Looking to spend at least a day or two north of Ventura. suggestions on places to stay? points of interest? Much appreciated...

Can anyone identify the ducks that have invaded the lineup over the last couple of days in LB? Some sort of arctic duck? I enjoy birding while waiting for sets. Thanks in advance.

Whipping up some fins in CAD. Reverse engineered a center fin base on which to build.

We've all seen the lost Gopro posts. My significant other got me a gopro for the holidays which I'm hoping to take out in the immediate future. I'm a bit skeptical of the adhesive on the mounts in single degree weather. Any recommendations?

Decided to try my hand at making a fin for my log. Cut some 1/2" poplar sheet into wedges. Milled the wedges in half. Found a really nice piece of heartwood I believe to cherry in a bundle of firewood. Squared it with a hatchet, and milled it into 1/4" slats milled square 1/4" strips from the slats. Going to glue it up this weekend and start foiling. Not sure if I'll use the template in the photo. There are two other templates kicking around.

I'd appreciate some glassing suggestions. I want it to look pro. no bubbles in the resin, and I don't want the weave to be visible. should I use lighter glass? epoxy? poly? Thanks in advance.

Looking for a Thule 450 footpack. That's the pack that attaches to factory rails.

I already have square crossbars.

Thanks in advance.

Interesting idea. Not sure about the sonar. How is drowning victim supposed to find the buoy if they've been pulled under?

Los Angeles County lifeguards are testing out a remote controlled, robotic rescue buoy at the beaches this summer. Called the the Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard (E.M.I.L.Y.), it is a cross between a jet-ski and a buoy.The robotic lifeguard was designed by Hydronalix and named after a thirteen year old girl named Emily Rose Shane that was killed along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.
The company states that the buoy can travel up to 40 miles per hour for a maximum of 35 minutes. Compared to a human lifeguard, E.M.I.L.Y. can reach a drowning swimmer up to twelve times faster, allowing lifeguards to reach the distressed swimmer under a shorter response time. Weighing at 25 pounds, the device can carry up to six swimmers. Hydronalix is looking into adding sonar to the buoy to find swimmers who have been pulled underwater.

Headed to Cape Ann in two weeks and wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences up there. Definitely planning on checking out Brickhouse and some nearby surf spots. Food or activity recommendations are welcome. Hoping to get some swell up there! Thanks... 

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