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63 Blak Box 3 SQUASH HYFI 40.0 Liters
One Session

63 Monsta Box SQUASH HYFI 37.3 Liters
2 Sessions

Modom Pads

Lets make a deal
BB3 $800

Monsta $$
Lets make a deal/ double board deal

Anybody riding the psycho nitro hyfi? Swallow tail

I surfed some wind swell last week on the flaming pony 511 at 40 liters, was a touch corky for me at 61 190 but had great potential. My bro loves it, hes 215lb

Looking at a psycho nitro either a 60 (38.4) or a 61 (39.4) with fcs2 for an everyday go to board, and for wetsuit season

Would like to hear how that swallow tail reacts vs the typical fish swallow? The tail seems really pulled in, and majority of the vol is focused under chest where ya need it
Sizing and fin setups, quad vs thruster

511 lazy boy (futures) for sale...

Lost Lazy Boy. 5 fin futures
511 / 21.75 / 2.69. Vol 39.17

Like new $450

Average Joe 57 36.5L

Located LI Nassau

6'1 roberts

Picked up from a local nynj guy last season

Used but water tight

$200 flexiable
Located nassua LI

Anyone have a set of fcs g-am quads? Large blue

Looking for a set of quads for my 5'7 average joe.

Any other fin suggestions that anyone has for sale im open to it



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