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Time to take matters into your own hands.



Do they sell them at Breakwater? I'd like to know if it would help with my surfing. Thanks.

only worn maybe 10-15 times, bought brand new last year. moving to warmer climates for a while and don't want to store or lug it around with me. I need this gone today if possible. $150 OBO i'm in Rockaway.

I'll throw in a 6'0 dumpster diver that needs some dings repaired if you come get it today. HOLY CRAP THATS A DEAL

Also for the moving sale: 2 skateboards, an old school Burton Woody 135 snowboard (MINT), a small vox amp, a dive float (free) , a cot .... make me an offer on everything! I need this stuff gone.

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / donating gear?
« on: December 15, 2013, 08:04:08 PM »
I'm moving and have some gear I'd love to donate (no bites here and not doing the craigslist route), anyone have some suggestions for donating a few boards and maybe some winter gear? Preferably a surf school or organization that helps local kids or the unfortunate get in the water. I have a 6' dumpster diver that needs work, a 6'2 thruster that has a few dings, a few pairs of boots, some beat up gloves, a M Xcel 3/2, a skateboard.

If you or someone you know personally don't have the cash for a board of need something I have, PM me and I'll see what I can do.

6'0 DD with some dings I never got around to fixing so it's collecting dust. The tail needs redone, there's a rail ding that's 90% done and a few smaller holes. A little bit of delam also.

This board is fixable but I have enough boards and no time. $150 w/fins or best offer.

In Rockaway, pickup only.

Anyone been? Looking to go in November, around Lagos.

Anyone get one of the new Xcell drylocks? I had to cut my 4/3 off last spring when I broke my toe, checked the Pilgrim in Amagansett last weekend and they had them in stock. The look pretty sweet, wool liner and stretchy.

Might do the 4/3 no hood and get a detachable, this seems prone to leaking though.


Comes with extra sanding disks. In Rockaway, $20.

It's one speed and I'm either heavy handed or real bad at using it, I end up hitting the foam every time.

Maybe it's the flatness? I'm thinking of trying prone paddling, anyone have a board gathering dust? Looking for a Bark stock preferably.

I have a Beater Board that gets zero use, it's in decent shape. I used it maybe one session.

Open to trades for speargun, lifeguard can, anything spearfishing related really, bait casting reel/rod, smoker, oldschool skate decks, decent boogie board. If your kid would really like it and you don't have the cash, PM me. Otherwise best offer.

I'm in Rockaway.

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