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Mike Becker from Natures Shapes for anything/everything

The komunity fins listed a few posts up should be the same thing?

Yup. The K2.1 Fins should be the same thing. Let me know. I have them still.

these need to go. name your price

Futures, Tri- fin. $60, still in original packaging. Honeycomb core. [/size]Used exactly once. My board rides better as a quad.


how do you like them? I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair for my new Lost Short Round. What kind of baord are you riding them with?

new price, includes fins and board bag.


I'll throw in fins and a board bag. Come get it!

Fins are Rainbow Canard Quads. Future fin boxes.

I can't say for sure, as I purchased it directly from Mitch's surf shop. All I know is it's brand new, and it cost me a lot more than $600  :)

Purchased at Mitch's Surf Shop in Solana Beach. 10/10 in brand new condition. Surfed exactly one time.

$580. Pickup in NYC.

Length: 5' 6"       Width: 20 3/8"     Thick: 2 3/8"

Nose: 15 7/8"     Tail: 16 1/4"

can't speak for his twin keels, but i am a happy owner of his long quad fishsimmons. unbelievable board.


Twin Keel. 5'10 x 21 1/4 x 2 3/4. Moonlight Glassing.

This was a custom order direct from Gary, and I am the only owner and human to have ever surfed this board :)

Price is firm. Board is 8/10 condition. Zero pressures, but has a repaired ding done by Steve Pendarvis of Pendoflex. It's perfect and you won't even know it's there. I'll throw in the Rainbow Doc fins as well.

Located in NYC, I don't have a car so you'll have to come here.

The attached pic is what it looked like new. It hasn't changed much. Maybe a tiny ding repair needed on the bottom which is why the price is not $400+. Please email me at [email protected]

Thanks SeaCliff, awesome info in there. I feel like I'm always on the right board with my GH twin, from a paddling and buoyancy perspective. It's just that once I'm up, I wish I could be more aggressive and vertical. which is certainly not what a fish is meant for, even though some very skilled surfers can make it happen. It seems like in general you just sacrifice a little of one thing for the other.

The neckbeard and new flyer both look great from a template standpoint.

im 32 and definitely would not call myself advanced; probably more along the lines of strong intermediate. and not the best paddler either :) It's probably a little smart for me to go more volume than less, assuming that wearing a westuit most days will beef me up a bit.

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