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Been thinking about this all day, as I have been home sick with not much else to do.

First, I see the governor's logic. To an outsider, it makes total sense. Heck, make me an offer and I'll go buy my Barbados retirement home tomorrow and rent a house in Belle Harbor until Bettina goes to high school. Jscott made the point about the projects etc that is on-point, so I don't see this as a peninsula wide proposal.

So, who would qualify?

Would it be limited to beach block folks? Beach-front folks? Beach-front above 120ish? Would beachfront second homes qualify for a buyout (I'm thinking the Bulgarian Embassy on B142nd)? To me, it would seem really messed up to give 2nd homes a buyout and not year-round folks in the middle blocks. Two NYs? The proposal raises more questions than it answers.

Why stop there... why not give that 50 billion to the NY families who have lost a parent in Afghanistan/Iraq wars, or to the NY families struggling to pay for a child's cancer treatments or the people living in poverty within New York State?

How about just helping those who were not in a flood zone prior to the post-sandy update?

Owning a home is a luxury... a LUXURY. Not a necessity.

So some people/families took on more risk than they realized by choosing to live in a flood zone or on a sand bar. God forbid they have to move and rent a two bedroom apartment inland. Oh the horror...

Remind me why I should give two rips about these people:

Toms River homeowners slow to give up land needed to rebuild protective dunes

The sticking point, homeowners say, is what they may have to give up. Homeowners fear that giving away the land also means they will have to open their beaches to the public.

Patricia Suriani, a member of one of the homeowners association boards that hasnít signed, says a majority of the residents voted against giving the easement because they donít want the private beach open to the public. She said the easement request, seeking the strip of property "in perpetuity," is vague and doesnít give residents any assurance that they wonít be required to build public bathrooms or a boardwalk.


Turns out Sandy Tri-Furcated market in Long Beach LI. Homes post sand are grouped into three categories. Same deal at jersey shore.

Homes heavily damaged by Sandy that homeowner cant or wont fix and is selling at is are going for 1/2 price. These are the bargains.

Homes slightly to moderately damaged being renovated back to original condition there is no effect on pricing.

Homes by beach such as sections in *West of Jones*, Lido Beach, Atlantic Beach and extremely rare parts of Long Beach undamaged at all by Sandy rose in price.

These homes are being marketed as high land, not touched by Sandy etc. These homes are now selling at a prem as lot of flood issues associated with living near water go away with the rare high land houses.


A very interesting piece on drones with Chris Anderson. The article mentions surfers filming themselves with drones.

I'm betting programming a drone to perform dawn patrols will be the killer application for surfers. The drone takes off and visits two or three of a surfer's favorite surf spots, defined by GPS coordinates.

[/size]At each spot, the drone records two or three minutes of video. The video is sent back to a home network via a 4G connection. The surfer can check the surf conditions on his/her tablet or bedroom smart TV without getting out of bed.

[/size] Surfline, I hope you're paying attention. 

this is the reality of the situation

FEMA delivers a blow at Shore


Is bigger better on a barrier island?

Barrier islands are nature's shock absorbers against killer storm surges hitting the main land. The islands shift, erode and rebuild themselves in response to the ocean's whims. Trying to control them with sand replenishment groins, jetties, sea walls etc is a fool's game.

As a taxpayer, why should I be on the hook for protecting private property investments on a barrier island?

Some look at Sandy as a once in a life time event. This was a one percent storm. The NHC has consistently estimated a 1% chance of a Sandy caliber storm hitting NY/NJ in their annually hurricane season forecasts.  This year, mother nature spun the hurricane season roulette wheel and the ball landed on red 12. Let's not pretend this can't happen again.

It seems to me, many barrier island residents have the same mentally as Wall Street. Let's privatize the profits (ie living by the beach) and socialize the risk with government backed mortgages, subsidized flood insurance and FEMA money when mother nature brings it.

When I look at a place like Rockaway, I see an area where the real estate taxes and insurance premiums do not reflect the true cost/risk of living there.

Report from LBI

Lots of builders and investors going door to door, they are making deals on the spot, they are paying cash (yeah, not literally). Some of the prices Iíve heard whispered were very good, and I expect large raised homes to be built on those properties and the builders to make a mint. The catch here is youíll need to have cash, no bank will lend on these properties.

Lots of old timers are letting go at low prices, they canít afford to rebuild nor do their kids want to take responsibility for rebuilding (or they simply canít).

Even a number who are patching up have intentions to sell once things ďget back to normalĒ.


Fantastic piece on Sandy.

Jersey Shore Development Failures Exposed By Hurricane Sandy

there was a really neat VHS of mark cunningham back a bunch of years called 'Waves to Glory"  it was all him on north shore waves....i think some of the Malloy film was from that really get a ride body surfing, try and find a smooth skin triathalon suit, they really make a difference....super floatation and glide......

Mark Cunningham Bodysurfing rare footage from 1982


Definitely. I don't know about saving the pink bathrooms, though. For me, mid-century modern suggests a level of cool that pink tile can't ever attain. Kitsch or camp is jarring against that background.
WQ, if you dig mid-century architecture, you might like this blog of tri-state area mid-century homes that my friend put together.

very cool, thanks.

As soon as I can come up with some scratch, I'm going to start incrementally renovating a '51 ranch. I don't want the house to lose its character. I'm looking outside of the generic home depot and pottery barn type stuff. 

I'm not down with the pink bathroom either. But fans are out there.


22k is the higher end for houses on the bay, houses on the ocean, and the larger lots in the middle. the bungalows are considerably less, it appears around $5k - $8k, but they really are a tight squeeze space-wise.
it's actually MUCH cheaper for me to rent. the mortgage on my house would be reasonably close to what i pay in rent, assuming i put 20 - 25% down, but with close to $2k/month in taxes, i am better off renting for the time being. bungalow prices have come down enough that the rent/buy decision is not completely skewed, even factoring in taxes. still, just seems unsustainable to me.

It's not sustainable. I'm probably the last of the dumb money. One more leg down and a decade of prices that go no where would be my guess.


With a dependant FSA, you can set some money aside for education pre-tax (up to 6K i think), any little bits helps...

I don't think that is correct. I think it only covers preschool up to the amount of the 2nd parents taxable income or fsa max.

Yeah, I like that location better as a base for my weekend warrior activities. But when I looked at the taxes in the Glen Ridge/Monclair type towns I almost crapped my pants. The taxes were in the Snaggle/LB range.

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