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Looking for a big boy (511 195lbs) sized board for general tomfoolery.

Lmk what you have!

got a Stretch Quad Fish in mint condition with Stretch fins that i love but i've been jonesing to try the G-Buzz.

please let me know if any interest.

anyone got any wetsuits (winter mode) in the L-XL range for sale?

selling my mint Campbell Brothers bonzer with True Ames 6.5" center fin


21 1/4"
2 1/2"

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / WTB Stretch G-Buzz
« on: October 31, 2017, 10:39:09 AM »
hoping to find a G-Buzz with CFT construction and enough float for 195lbs (32-34 liters?)


not specifically where, but location wise

i am trying to find a decent 9-5 gig that will allow me time to surf either before or after work

seems like almost all good gigs are Manhattan-based, which, if my commute is to be tolerable allows for next to no water time outside of weekends

haven't found it yet!

saw a guy with a pretty nice rig taking shots on the beach - not sure if anyone knows who this could be. curious if i made it into any photos.

in your opinion which locale has the better surf, better breaks and better surfers all-around?

think it was around the middle of the month.

decent little day, clean waves. guy was wearing one of those big floppy hats and had a pretty legit rig with him.

he was shooting for at least an hour while i was out, in the mid morning.

probably no chance i find out who it was - but if anyone knows a guy who shoots at the inlet occasionally with some pretty sick gear, let me know!

looking in the 35+ liter range.

hit me up, motivated buyer.

Guy with a straw hat and a professional rig was shooting but with no more LocalSwell I wonder where the photos might end up...

Sounds like a silly question but what keeps you on the east coast?

Do you prefer it?

Family and friends?


Your girl or guy?

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