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walden 9 foot epoxy, major repairs were done over the years. great longboard for beginners.Fully surfable, asking only 100, need to pass it on.

located in central queens. 3475127546 kyle

surfer jims was the brown trout

Yeeeeeeeeeew what a September!

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Freaking Fence!
« on: September 09, 2014, 02:50:37 AM »
Ran the peninsula for the first time in a while last night, and was pretty pissed off about the fence at B193rd!  Considering there is no other way around the beach club other than to clime the fence, how is that place getting away with that?  It's funny how the NPS on their website directs people to use the beach to walk to the Breezy tip. 

Ah good old NSSS drama, it never gets old, really!  It feels so good to be surfing the unchanged lefts of 89th, after a winter away....had fun yesterday and got a nice tube too.

Anybody can give me a ride from central queens? FH/KG area?

Huanchaco Peru, ANY time of year!

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Fort Tilden "Closed"
« on: April 26, 2013, 03:34:42 PM »
So, its not a big suprise to me that F.T will be "closed" for the summer, but what does this mean for beach access from adjacent areas to the beaches of F.T?  Are they actually going to prohibit people from enjoying the beach...people running or walking along the shore?  When I run the length of rock, is there going to be agents blocking that stretch of sand?  The level of social control and regiment is unreal in the North East, it gets me in the gut.

Well, there IS that pesky beach club in between Tilden and Breezy...did Sandy get rid of it?  I often have confrontations with the staff when I run on the beach.   

The Recovery Room / Re: Rockaway Ferry !
« on: November 09, 2012, 01:11:28 PM »
It has been getting to me, the media confusing Far Rockaway with its neighbors to the west.

Is there anybody here who is actually taking an article from the daily news seriously.  This is such a joke.

Nice shots!

They bring me back to Huricane Alex 2004 for some reason.  I guess Long Beach hasn't changed much, still near perfect lefts.  Its a tragedy that them boys down in DE/MD don't get the quality of waves that Western LI offers.

I have traveled/surfed/lived up and down the east coast, and I never seen such a disorganized lifeguard operation as that of Rockaway Beach.  Running the entire peninsula from east to west I was really shocked. 

The main thing that got me was the rescue can setup.  Cans were often thrown randomly on the ground, without the strap and buoy properly dug in the sand.

Guards both male and female were not in proper uniform.  I mention this not for the ones wearing t shirts other than their uniform, but from ones actually wearing long pants underneath boardshorts!

Guards scanning the water with the rescue strap ON, OVER A SWEAT SHIRT....

Backs to the water, excessive cell phone use, profanity...


This wasn't only Rock.  The NPS Guards, and the young guards of Breezy and that shitty beach club, all the same brown trout.


If you are interested, I have two unopened "Mules".   They work great, I used a MULE in CA to go surf, and I lived 5 miles from the ocean.  It's a well designed trailer, yet in really high winds it's a hazard. 

I'm all about DIY projects, but if you change your mind...I can give you one for REALLY cheap!

Call me bitter, but I always have this thought that yuppies who pay for gyms and classes like this, are still stuck in a 5th graders mindset that exercise comes from gyms and instructors.  Gosh darn, get outside and live, this looks so pathetic! 

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