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Bump - price dropped to $50

Robert August 9' 6" beater

Purchased off of craigslist several years ago and I never surfed it although clearly it has been abused by the previous owner(s). It has been extensively repaired. If I had to guess it is water tight and someone more skilled than I might be better able to do minor preventative repairs at the tail. $50 if you can pick it up. I'm in the flatiron area in Manhattan.

I have three XL surfing wetsuits for sale.
Injuries have forced me to give up the hobby.
One O'Neill Reactor 3/2mm Full Suit, Black/Pacific/Graphtron, X-Large - barely used- $40
One Ripcurl 4/3 full wetsuit - black, X Large $40
One O'Neil Psycho 2 wetsuit 6/4 -w- attached hood. XL - $50

Will sell all three for $100 - you'd be set for year round surfing


Less excited myself.  Primary residence in Miami.  This looks like it will be my Sandy.

I wouldn't muck about on this particularly if you are over 35.  Things just don't heal like they used to after that point.  I've been out of the water for a year due to a knee injury.  Get an MRI and an XRay, stat.  I had an amazing experience with a doctor at the HSS in NYC who shaved off a portion of my meniscus which was torn.  Wish I did it two years ago.  PT did very little for me- I'm on to strength training now and that seems to be helping out.  I'm rarely on here but will be tracking IRMA so feel free to PM me.

Sorry - $425.  This stopped floating me around 220 / 225 lbs.  Someone in better shape could probably pull it off but that's where I was sinking it.

Photos say it all. This is my favorite board of all the boards I have ridden over the last 10-12 years. It's around 6' but dimensions are not written on it. I am only letting it go because it no longer floats me due to weight gain. More on the shaper here: Fins, Board Bag and leash included. Any minor discoloration pictured is left over wax or shadow in the photos. It's damn near perfect.  I'm in Gramercy / Flatiron.


I won't complain about the oily taste at Rock ever again.

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Viking Funeral at Rockaway?
« on: February 10, 2015, 09:45:24 AM »
I'm a big fan (in theory) of the Phil Collins day Parade...  in years past it was a big F.U. to Valentines day on Valentines day.  This year it's a viking funeral...  at the break in Rock if I am reading this correctly?

Not sure I want burning ship or mock burning ship where we surf...

Forgive me if it is a double post but this gives some perspective...

Mark Healey Caught Inside At Mavericks

I could be wrong... I thought the Infiniti suit for sale didn't say Hawaii thus my confusion...

They are still up as of 10am 9/30.

Question about Xcel for those in the know.  Whiskey mostly has their Hawaii line...  Is their "Hawaii" line their low end brand or if you like guitars and ancient SAT tests:

Fender is to Squire as:

A) Coke is to Pepsi
B) Montauk is to Hipsters
C) Go Pros on surfboards are to Kooks
D) Excel is to Excel Hawaii...

(The correct answer is D... at least I think so)

I love the idea of central America but you do have to assume that you will be in good health...  The beach towns don't exactly have the greatest medical care...  I was in Nosara once when a kid got a compound fracture...  An expat took one look at it and said you had best drive to the capital to get it fixed...  Five hours of f'd roads to get a bone set...  Its a bit scary if your health isn't tippy top.

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