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Looking for either a double or triple board bag by the end of the month, to fit 2-3 boards all 5'11" or shorter, but open to anything as long as it isn't absolutely massive.

Last guys I used were Wax Surf Co in williamsburg but theyre in LA now, anyone know of anyone in BK? As backup, who is still doing it in LB? thanks

Looking for a 1-2mm top MT or L for a january trip to guadeloupe. My M hyperflex feels like its going to kill me. anyone have one they're looking to part with? went though old threads but didn't find much. thanks.

pretty amazing to watch in real time:

Anyone have the link to the development plan for rest of the jetties?

Beloved 98 honda died, suddenly entering used car market with limited budget. As someone whose made the walks to all the spots a billion times (and also seen a million people get stuck), I'd like to go 4x4 if possible. With limited budget, looking at entry-level/crossover 4x4 like mitsubishi 2015 outlander sport and ford escape with 4WD. Anyone have experience taking these on the sand around here? Forum reviews elsewhere are mixed based on clearance and tires, but my goal is to just not get stuck, not to be the king of the beach.

Just got $198 direct flight out of JFK to Guadeloupe in January. Quick research shows good chance of getting serviceable surf at that time. Anyone have any specific experience?? Best areas, general tips, etc?

Anyone got a good shop or friend they know who can do cheap work on a base repair? Have done my own P-tex jobs but i dont seem to be very good at it. located in north brooklyn. thanks.

Selling a set of great shape Rusty 5-Fin, size L.

$75. Located in Brooklyn.

Selling a set of never-used Futures 5-fin F4 for $35. The sticker on it is for $70. They're the standard thermotech/composite. I know they're not prime goods but half-off for never used ain't bad. Size small. Located in Greenpoint but work near union square.

I know everyone is in love with the board if they have it, but just in case someone has one in this range floating around that they're looking to part with...

Selling Stretch S10 model, 6'4" x 19 x 2.4 for $300. It is in excellent condition, used 4 times, one ding repaired professionally by guys at Wax Surf Co.

Thruster, FCS fins. Tons of drive off the back. Narrower nose wider tail and wide point back, more foiled out than most of his other models. Still paddles good though with the low entry. I've used it as a bigger wave board and it holds plenty.

Selling because I'm looking to consolidate everything. Could throw in a set of Mayhem GMB-5 fins for another $25.

images here:


Of note, starting oct 1:
  • Artificial dune that will largely cover the width of the Montauk downtown beach between the dune and the ocean from South Emery Street at the western edge to the Atlantic Terrace motel near Surfside Place on the east.
  • The dune will, based on the normal, though fluctuating, width of the beach, extend from its landward edge across the entire stretch of sand right up to or even into the ocean, according to construction specifications.
  • With a core of geotextile bags filled with sand, the 105-foot wide dune will spread along 3,100 feet of shoreline. Pedestrian walkways on pilings above the 161/2-foot-high dune are planned.
  • The cut is also designed as a solution to flooding in downtown Montauk during heavy rains, when runoff typically flows out to the beach. The dune will prevent that, the engineers say, except in the access area at South Edison.

Looking to buy a set of FCS, non-plastic fins for days of solid surf for a thruster. Preferably a medium or large sized fin. Flexible to different varieties, just looking for something that will hold on my 6'4 on the biggest of days.

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