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always enjoyed the old dane reynolds/marine layer clips where they would show his entire wave, his paddle in and approach, which is really impressive to see.

pretty amazing to watch in real time:

Anyone have the link to the development plan for rest of the jetties?

if only a prominent industry website existed, had cameras placed across the region, and the ability to rewind those cameras, we might know


I think it's a solution nobody wants to a problem somebody thought they could make money off of.
Yes, this, exactly.

I'm surprised at how sad this whole thing made me. Feel like a real curmudgeon and didn't think I would. Waves are just another commodity now, another thing for sale. Love surfing because it's an escape from everything else that feels like that. And honestly, what's worse, is that it's coming from the Kelly Slater Wave Company. Those four words in a row feel horrible.

i cant watch this and not be looking at whats out the back the entire time and thinking they're never going to make it back out

mid day marathon yesterday was so fun. if you exhaust yourself completely by surfing all sunday, it mitigates pain of desk duty on a monday with waves.

300 and it's yours. Good to great 5'9 mini driver future 5 fin

that rarely works out that well

We've talked about it in a few other threads. Definitely made me depressed at many points. Had a massive fear on every page turn that he'd reveal that it was all meaningless.

  • A total of 72,000CY of sand is required.
  • 20,000CY will be obtained from excavation and regrading of the existing dune
  • 51,000CY will be obtaine from upland resources

This morning felt very california-esque. Glassy wind, real groundswell, crazy colors. Best it gets.

Your wife mustve been slightly suspicious at first!

Who needs her! The rest of the basin has kicked into overdrive.

To which I responded, " sound like you know as much about surfing as I know about fishing".
this is fantastic