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what's actually going on in this picture?

My old excel was warm but stiff and thick and hard to get on and off. Just got an Oneil psycho, which is flexi and easy on / off and unbelievably warm for the thickness, and I honestly dont understand how it can be so good.

Comparing 5/6 excel with 4/5.5 oneil, so I will see how warm it is sub zero. Excel got me through all of last winter no problem, even when the ocean was slushy. But a bear to get in and out of, and tiring in it.

which psycho?

tried the seamless oneill hyperfreak 3/2 at a demo day in seaside and my god this thing is so comfortable and stretchy, way more free than even the chest zip for paddling. Sounds like they don't hold up as well, but could be worth trying to be ultra vigilant and maintenance and just replace when needed 

Zbay - A good 5/4 is more useful than a 4/3 IMO. Our best swells are often during/immediately after brutal storms. Xcel 5/4 infiniti is a great all around suit that is flexy, warm and not too $$. I like them better than drylocks (seem stretchier/lighter to me).
Agree on the drylock, something about it is so constricting. hate my drylock 3/2.

Anyone get any of the Needs Essentials suits yet?

yeah, bunch of damn addicts sticking things in their ears out here.

i saw some advice somewhere (escapes me now) that you should probably be wearing them any time you're wearing a suit

first session with them was okay, not end of the world terrible but certainly not a session enhancer. I'm sure the ones that let in 0 sound are significantly more miserable though.

got this exact size for smallest of days and end up surfing it more than any other board, it just catches everything and can still make some turns. great to have.

ear doc said i need em, nothing yerrible just yet . just got the surfears.  leash is really strange. anyone use these without the leash?

whats the uhhh, executive summary here?

Just finished re-reading it last week. It's the best surf book, by far, in my opinion.
#2 -- in search of captain zero?
actually, duane's Caught Inside

Just finished re-reading it last week. It's the best surf book, by far, in my opinion.
#2 -- in search of captain zero?

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