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tell him to get one of the patagonia ones. ricky carroll does not have the design wired at all, i got one from Maritime shaped by ricky. as great as maritime was to deal with, the board was a brick and so different than the ones patagonia makes which are sanctioned by devon himself.

5'6 hydrodynamica mini simmons - geppys - $475. text me for photos. 646 403 0661

Text me, my dms arenít working either. 6464030661

In need of some TLC. Pin hole ding at nose, small ding on fin. Great board, has treated me very well thru the years. These boards are awesome for small waves and big waves, perfect for a beginner or vet looking for easy paddler. $200. Photo attached. Hit me up.

yes ill be posting a photo later today.

6'4 21.5 2.5 (quad / thruster)

Made locally my Mark Petro. Ridden 5 times.

Faktion (local shaper) version of the lost froket. this one has a round tail. baby blue. quad / thruster. ridden 7 times, stored in bag for life of ownership.

6'4 x 21.5 x 2.5

Need to fix a ding in the next 7 days. let me know if you know of anyone please.

im interested...

SOLD to a gentleman and a legend.. a caring new yorker accepting of all, even those who voted pro regime

price change - $175.

Standard Stoker V Machine, 6'6", shaped by Bruce Fowler. Great fish alternative or beginner shred stick, or lazy man shredder for winter. Looking to sell ASAP. Sick deal here for a really fun board

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