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Unsound has officially endorsed the LB CIty Council candidates on the Republican ticket. This seems odd. Can someone please explain this to me?

I'm just going to cuntpaste what I barely wrote  for the event on the patch here. oh, it's free. and i'm behind the bar.

GOONS OF DOOM perform at Bahia Social Club Sat 9pm - whenever we feel like shutting it down. 21+ cheap booze / cheaper if you bring a pair of jeans for donation

832 W. Beech Street Long Beach

Charity for the homeless + horror rock soon-to-be legends + Bahia Social Club = Volcom destroys boredom![/color][/font]
[/size]Bring in a pair of jeans for a donation to the homeless and get a FREE BEER! live music! giveaways! dance party a go go! The Goons of Doom are....Australian pro-surfer, musician, artist, and filmmaker, Ozzie Wright a.k.a. the "Wizard Of Death", bandmates Bang Bang Bunny Fang, Cut-Throat Cowboy, Vaughan Dead, and Killa Whale.They've spent their lives in the ocean, pursuing the original rebellious spirit surfing encapsulated during its boom in the early '70s. Their brand of dirty rock 'n' roll has a distinct visual edge only describable as "horror pop". need more info on Volcom or the Goons of Doom? [/color][/font]

this is nifty! the vessels is here next week

Monday, June 13th
Tuesday, June 14th
Friday, June 17th
Saturday, June 18th
 10am – 4 pm

the Bold is a converted us navy vessel, 224' long - the epa's only ocean & coastal monitoring vessel- it has state of the art sampling, mapping and analysis equipment; a sidescan sonar, underwater video, water sampling instruments and sediment sampling devices. really nifty stuff.

you can read more about it (and its super kid friendly) on the epa site.


i lied about the chick butts. clarks surf photos are more sexually appealing anyways.

it's official. the ny city council passed a ban on smoking in public parks and beaches. takes effect in 90 days.

this is a nifty pilot program the EPA recently unveiled  at the rockaway wastewater treatment plant. basically through the abundance of nitrogen and phosphorus in the pooh water and a little photosynthesis, they'll harvest  algae using an algae turf scrubber, processing it into butanol.

50 years down, 50 more to go! Happiest of Birthdays to you!

freedom of speech takes a backseat to religious extremism

the seattle cartoonist who suggested "everybody draw mohammed day" has been advised by the fbi to go into hiding, to erase her identity as she has been declared a target for execution.

this is completely retarded.

Seattle Cartoonist in Hiding     September 16, 2010 - 11:27 AM | by: Dan Springer       Molly  Norris is no more. The Seattle cartoonist who drew a cartoon in April  urging an "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day" has gone into hiding out of  fear for her life.  Mark Fefer told readers of The Seattle Weekly that  Norris has "gone ghost" and that her cartoons will no longer appear in  the alternative newspaper.
The F.B.I. urged Norris to take extreme  caution after a radical Muslim cleric in Yemen placed her on an  execution list in July. Anwar al-Awlaki, who is linked to the failed  Times Square bomb plot, called Norris a "prime target" whose "proper  abode is hellfire."
Norris was laying low for awhile and  continuing to draw cartoons, but at the urging of the F.B.I. Fefer says  she has "moved, changed her name and essentially wiped out her  identity."
Shortly after her cartoon was published in  April, Norris apologized to Muslims, said she was just joking and asked  people to NOT draw Mohammad on May 20. But it was already too late  thanks to the internet. The idea went viral and quickly more than  100,000 followers were on Facebook pushing the event.
Norris is not the only journalist in hiding  right now. Danish Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has been under police  protection since February 2008. He also landed on a cleric's hit list  following a cartoon offensive to Muslims depicting Mohammed with a bomb  for a turbin. In Islam any drawings or depictions of Mohammad are  stricly forbidden.
There have been at least three attempts on  Westergaard's life. He recently received an honor from German  Chancellor Angela Merkel praising him for his role in promoting the  ideal of a free and open press.
In 2004 Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was assassinated following the release of his movie which was critical of Islam.
The Seattle Weekly's Mark Fefer compared  the threats made against Norris to cancer. You're not sure if it's  critical, not that serious or even if it seems to go away for awhile  never certain it won't come back and kill you.

if you know where i live you know where i'll be, give or take a quarter mile. it's been awhile...

The NY NJ Surf Garden Center / my pea plants are done. now what do i do?
« on: August 10, 2010, 02:14:28 PM »
they're blocking light from getting to my carrots so can i cut a pull them out or should i just cut them down to the ground? they're not going to start pooping out more peas at any point, right?

this Wednesday

the Chapter is going over the new Hold Onto Your Butt campaign, elections and something else I totally forgot but I think it's important. There are alot of Executive positions up for grabs and no experience is necessary - just a little extra time and dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves  and beaches for all people. Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator and Chair position are up. DO IT.

LocationSaturdays Surf Shop31 Crosby Street b/w Broome & Grande NYC

it's bargain time! By using my reference number when signing up for a year membership to Surfrider you'll also get a nifty petroleum-free 100% recycled tote bag. For $25 you get a years membership and a tote bag!!

But wait...there's more! We'll throw in  a year paid subscription to transworld surf magazine AND 6 issues of surfrider's award-winning publication, Making Waves. Wow!  That's alot of neat stuff for 25bucks!

And because I like you I'll make sure you receive discounts at a growing number of retailers and restaurants by flashing your sexy new surfrider membership card ... including 20% at!

just click on the link


what are you thoughts on having ashtrays posted up on the boardwalk? Cigarettes are the #1 trash item, hands down. Do you think ashtrays will make a difference if put up in Rock? Do you think going a step further and banning smoking on the beach and boardwalk is a step too far?


I'm posting this benefit from newyorksurf.

On June 11th, 2010 one of Long Beach’s surfing family suffered a  horrific tragedy.  Kate Rose Eichin, 37, was struck by a car and killed  outside her home in Long Beach. She is survived by her loving husband,  Eric Eichin, her 2-year-old son Shea and 5-week-old daughter  Charlotte.  Eric is a New York City Firefighter and former Long Beach  lifeguard.  He has been surfing Long Beach for 30 years and as many of  you know is a staple at [email protected] Blvd. Needless to say, the  family is devastated and unequipped to deal with this tragic and sudden  loss. Eric will be faced with many challenges going forward raising  their children without the love and assistance of their mother; the  financial hardship alone is difficult enough under normal circumstance.  This is just the beginning for this family that goes forward with  Kate's spirit alive in their hearts. In order to lessen the  financial burden and stress on the family, we have scheduled a benefit  in Kate's honor. The funds raised are intended to assist Eric in  raising the children and to provide for their future without Kate. 100%  of the proceeds will be donated.The benefit will be held on  August 29, 3PM at THE INN in Long Beach, NY.  Food, drinks, live music  and great raffles and prizes!  Please visit more info and ADVANCED DONATIONS

I read about this tragedy in the herald in June and it turned my  stomach - this woman had parked outside her co-op on shore road by  lincoln blvd in the afternoon, gets out of her car and gets hit. dies.  37 yrs old. how many of us have parked or biked right there in the very  place she was run down by a car? i can't even think about this without  tears.

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