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does anyone else think its a travesty that this guy thomas sofield made $683,000 as a long beach cop last year?  This is after he left our city in shambels financialy.

That can't be base salary - there's got to be some explanation...or some error....

you are correct SC, his base salary was 394,018 as a lieutenant.   ::) ::) ::)

Wasn't his father the Chief that retired?  Maybe Thomas did as well and the balance is unused sick time/vacation/graft, that was added to his base.

The Sofields IN MY OPINION ON A MESSAGEBOARD definitely contributed to the financial clusterfvck that is now Long Beach. That is why Sofield Jr is no longer City Council President and his dad retired after his son lost the reelection. In addition to the base pay plus disgusting amount of overtime, Sofield Sr walked away with an additional check for a half million dollars.

Long Beach  in between bay and beach.
basement, heating, tools, car = $35,000.

We have no complaints with FEMA or car insurance. We received financial assistance - enough to pay for new heating system and to replace some tools. It took 5 weeks until we could return home but we consider ourselves extremely lucky.
We chose to live in a flood zone in a house with a basement.

The Recovery Room / Re: MOLD in Long Beach
« on: December 08, 2012, 09:11:31 AM »
Anyone have a cement truck connection? I wanna just fill the whole farking thing.


YAY! Cliff rules.

it happened at 5:30pm but the lifeguards weren't on duty?

I've kept my ear open to the opposition and there is a valid argument for the bathers here.  There are also questions being raised re: the surf schools taking up more space away from homeowners...what do the surf schools provide for the city financially? Creating stronger surfers isn't going to cut it when the city's -$7million (ironically, due to the very people who the surf schools rallied around. Hate to say I told you so).

 Those are the concerns I've heard thus far.

I like the idea of more surf access but I will be taking my 3 minutes to discuss stop signs or something wicked exciting like that but I'll be there clapping. 
 Might I recommend you lean on the tourism aspect of surfing (increasing local business revenue beyond the surf shops) and the increase in quality of life- those are two key areas that will score you higher points than anything tomorrow night.

Thus far you've got a majority of the council on your side. There's only one who has flipped against you, who already had an axe to grind with the Skudins but I don't think he has the balls to show up. You got the council otherwise.

 The vote comes down to the residents.

my face hurt looking at that.

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Re: Wax Vending Machines
« on: January 21, 2012, 09:51:47 AM »
I walked by the one at LB surf shop yesterday. I want to crack it open and replace the bars of wax with tampons.

No way they made less money on this event vs others...come on.

It wasn't the surf event, the surf event itself was huge success- it was the cancellations of the other events and the resulting insurance claims that killed it for 2012. Word is that there's $5M in outstanding claims, and sourcing are saying that Quik was informed today that litigation over the claims was not likely to go in their favor.

A bit more than 5M.

And wait for Monday....the official press release will come out that Moody's stellar bond rating for Long Beach (you know, the one the Coalition used as their campaign slogan) is downgraded to junk bond status. Remember the days of an 8million surplus? Thank Sofield for screwing our finances and the QS festival.

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: Who would you punch?
« on: December 17, 2011, 09:50:38 AM »
I would punch Megyn Kelly of Fox News (with my penis).

Me too but with a strap-on.

We went a few months ago. I never thought I'd meet a glass of tap water that tasted better than alcohol.

Do it.


If I had McQueary's number I'd be sending him death threats, too.

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