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hey everyone, my apartment is available. I connected with a member here years ago so I thought I'd give it a try this time too. its just renovated, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, plenty of storage, porch, garden. 69th and burchell. please message me if you're interested. thanks.

what is the deal for beaches for swimmers with lifeguards, beaches for surfers, and beaches for surf businesses that came out of the community board meeting last thursday?

i was out of town and have heard the scuttlebutt. anything official or would be much appreciated. thanks!

could anybody recommend a good massage person or a place out here? the internet told me that blue bungalow does them. i recall there was a little yoga studio above boarders that did them before sandy, but i'm not sure if she's still going...thanks everybody.

gotta sweet new beautyrest queen box spring whispering your name.  new, came with mattress, but we do not need it.

trade for: 10 bars of sticky bumps, records, your old 3/2 tall...other offers welcome.  come n get it in bayside arverne. 

this deal will self destruct on 6am saturday inside a sanitation truck unless you tell me you will pick it up pronto

anyone commute yet from the east side in rock? 

mta seems to say that A service from the east side is replaced with a shuttle bus operating NONSTOP between mott and jfk.  the idea for points in between (67th) seems to be you hop the H shuttle east and then catch the bus back west. 

this doesn't seem reasonable.

i'm hoping that someone will tell me that the shuttle bus is actually making stops at all the stations between mott and jfk.

labor day approaches.  with it a swelling heard of wide eyed graduates will test their chops in the fray of a rapidly changing ocean environment.  and though the growing season is tolerably comic, we see more and more and more that the fall harvest is bloody and sometimes worse.  with this in mind, and with the increased pool of pay to players preparing to make their mark, i begin a list of tips for the surf campus graduating class of 2012.

1 - school is out
2 - your tuition does not gain entry when school is out
3 - think of "your" surf school spot as a summer fling with an older girl  "...oh boy that was fun.  wait.  why is she ignoring me?  who are all these guys with their hot rods?  is that a switchblade?  geez - i better move on..."
4 - you still don't know what you are doing
5 - it is ok to get up early, drive all the way to the beach, sit on the beach, watch other people surf for hours, and then walk down the beach to some distant uncrowded location before you work on your paddle out
6 - there are sticks and other hazards out there which you should identify before you get out there
7 - when the ocean kicks up - you are a hazard out there

Hi All,

I'm recently moved to rockaway with my wife and we're putting  down roots in a hurry.  First house, fixed mostly up this summer and first  baby, delivered a month and half early about a month ago. He's healthy and he likes the beach.

So...I read the occasional post about  someone becoming a new parent.  Now that I've got one, I am interested  in what others have figured out about raising a kid out here.  Its parenting stuff.  Anyone have a good daycare, know of a mom group looking for a new member, got a good pediatrician, figured out school stuff, anyone in need of premie clothes...

We're new on all fronts and welcoming any advice.


The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / turning legit
« on: August 01, 2011, 11:15:36 PM »
hello everyone!  i've been guesting several years on this site and guesting a few more than that on the peninsula. 
i recently moved in and am looking forward to seeing you all around
take it easy,

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