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that was the best surf trip i can remember, and i didn't have to go anywhere but down the block  ;D . more days clocked in last couple weeks than in the entire year - 2015 was looking really bleak up until a few weeks ago. this morning was a blast, minus some douchebaggery that got me pretty worked up. Off to CA for a little bit on friday. stoked and super grateful

I saw a douchebag, and I saw some dolphin.

good flick plus good times for sure, double plus rad soundtrack! thanks to everyone who worked on this. 


There is a CUNY-Arverne Surf Schools-Department of SUP flier on the Animal, beside a Zizmor ad.  So yeah...

dorado would be sitting deeper than you. he might actually be inside that bonzer.

last night. the dentist came for the last of george washington's teeth

we haven't seen the last of him

i heard he left rock the other night buzzing so hard that he went straight online and bought hisself a SUP and a GoPro

breakwater ambushed by taco sneak attaxes!!!

Lone Starr & Barf's Eagle 5 is a good place to start...


howie laid it down in 2011.  year 0 for the believers.  is grumpy old schwach on this message board?  i'm looking at you crabclaw

parks accepted selig & partners bid for control of the boardwalk buildings and up to 20 vendors for 8 years starting 2011 with selig as manager.  the competition was slight, if at all.  what did it cost him?  who knows?  you want to make money in the park you got to roll through the concession manager by contract with the city.  are vendor sub-leases regulated by parks or subject to negotiation, with the manger? who knows?  is the manager actually a boardwalk emperor, co-consul, triumvirate or some other quorum?  who knows? minus a boardwalk, other areas of the park appeal to business.  beachside shorefront is parks.  ice cream trucks and food carts vend in the park.  surf businesses vend in the park.  are they paying the taco tax?

wavebandit i'm with you that a community should know how the city deals business in its parks though i don't see how selig is outside of his rights.  this contract is up in 6 six years.  maybe the bids will be more competitive & the process transparent next time.  given the success, maybe parks will re-evaluate the number of concessions it sells.   you want to be arnold rothstein? 

mssr w.bandit - something happen to you to get your knickers in a knot? 

you guys are in for some sweeeet bishops crook lighting fixtures!

hey how does the criticism go?  i've only heard positive stuff.  anybody care to give it?  or can we take turns guessing what the soft hate sounds like? 

i'll go first:  i heard whisperings that the club is holding surf school down in the sixties

i sure would like to surf four hours and then go drinking for work

i'm all for rockaway people finding ways to make a living in rockaway.  400% its great.  sooper great. 

this school's website says class will be held, guess where, at the same location as two (or is it three now) other schools are already running in the summer.  everyone who surfs down there has been seeing them show up the past few summers after most of us are through for the morning anyways, so, so far its been whatever.  but cant they spread out or something? do these multi class sessions mean they might gunna start earlier and earlier until it does become a drag?  do these organizers communicate?  or just compete at this point? 

any of you lb guys know how to steer this flotilla?

kook - this fell through for me, couldn't round up a truck / friend to get them in time...