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sent you a pm, thanks

hey everyone, my apartment is available. I connected with a member here years ago so I thought I'd give it a try this time too. its just renovated, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, plenty of storage, porch, garden. 69th and burchell. please message me if you're interested. thanks.

Sentiment of my reply was I'm over getting angered about crowds and all the hullabaloo . There's no putting the tooth paste back in the tube on small
Days . When it's proper surf I rarely see an issues with crowds , drop ins and drama . There's a whole giant world out there . Want to get a good surf fix get out and explore . Gerry Lopez said it best " a local is nothing more than a dirt bag who can't get his act together to travel " .
I used to be one of the biggest barking dick heads out there but since I've made it a point to travel for a month in the summer I rarely get annoyed anymore about crowded 2-3 ft crap beach break . Really is a game changer . I empathize for those that make there home the beach and want respect in the water but surf schools selling out to finance their lifestyle , surf lockers and surf clubs , good food amenities makes the lifestyle more appealing to everyone . Another favorite quote of mine is "not everything in life should bea capitalist venture "

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oh Gerry - a local is so much more nowadays. they can travel, to other neighborhoods, claim territory there, and venture to sell it.

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Re: new and need help
« on: July 21, 2016, 05:22:12 PM »
also consider that if you do travel to arverne for lessons that you are a visitor here as well.

if it proves difficult to pick up under your own power in our fickle conditions or if you prove to be an eager yet overweight middle ager, don't stress it. pony up for the private a lesson where a guy will literally walk you out through the lineup, turn you around and push you into a wave. hoorah!

that's it. thanks seb.

what is the deal for beaches for swimmers with lifeguards, beaches for surfers, and beaches for surf businesses that came out of the community board meeting last thursday?

i was out of town and have heard the scuttlebutt. anything official or would be much appreciated. thanks!

a 1 foot kiddy pool? or a 4 foot kiddy pool?

public surfing beach access in New York City is an eastward only proposition and the more than half of the peninsula that is basically off limits to outsiders is totally ok with that.

that was the best surf trip i can remember, and i didn't have to go anywhere but down the block  ;D . more days clocked in last couple weeks than in the entire year - 2015 was looking really bleak up until a few weeks ago. this morning was a blast, minus some douchebaggery that got me pretty worked up. Off to CA for a little bit on friday. stoked and super grateful

I saw a douchebag, and I saw some dolphin.

Wow, the things you write and erase are crazy.

did you write that your pet peeve is "anytime you are enjoying a surf and then find yourself inside a replicating flotilla of middle aged white men on longboards"?

thats not crazy talk, crackie.

Glen Hall did a soccer flop.

hall embellished a little bit. he called attention to a situation to force a judgement. but for sure, medina put himself in a situation to be judged. and he was struck down with great vengeance and furious anger…or a carefully branded, precious, big bro, dawn patrol, group therapy share and a flaccid wsl pat to the butt

the flop is just another form of the claim. it is a lobby. as silly as your surfaday claim is, they are acceptable in professional surfing. the logic of the lobby works both ways.

lobbying in soccer has reached a ridiculous point, with the accelerator firmly to the floor in the last 15-20 years as that sport became flush. i figure as professional surfing succeeds in becoming its business model, there's a similar risk for more and more of this type of thing. more of bobby's tennis.

does anyone out there manage to watch more than one heat before hitting the mute button? i put in a good shift last night and it is downright painful otherwise.

ps. thank you samsung. that commercial where the upstart financier is flummoxed to see a smart-phone was good for a laugh the first time, but every 15 minutes is the worst.

Single bump.  Nice.  I regret selling mine.

the one i picked up from you? me likey to get ahold of the one on this thread and could make some room for it by disappearing your old one

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