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5'8", 34L
VVG condition

Shaped by Biolos
No fins

Looking for a Lost Quiver Killer around 6 to 6'2" EDD, or 6'2" - 6'3" stock, if a trade, or possible a mini-simmons around 5'6"


Archy -- From Jobos to Rincon, every one wanted people to come.  They have to earn money to pay for what they need.

Just back after 4 days of good surf in PR.  From Jobos to Rincon, everything is in good order for a visit.  The island is nearly green again after just 3 months.  Every business we visited asked that we pass along the word to folks and encourage them to go down.  I encourage you.

I have an eBay offer of $180 + shipping.  Any of u folks want for $180?  I'm in LB. 

Last September/October was off the switch.  I don't recall a stretch that long and consistent in 10 yrs living in LB.  Unfortunately, an injury early November kept me out all winter and spring.  It pained me to see a friend's what seemed like daily postings of the winter picture of the beautiful wave of the day from his apartment.  Grrrr..  If I have my winters straight, 2008 was best I recall before last year's in the 10 I've been here.

I've worn the excels for years.  i always wear them at a new spot until i'm used to the reef and getting in/out.  that is usually about one session.  low tide i might wear them at a familiar spot.  I have had a serious urchin spike in my foot and that can ruin a trip.

For you LBers out there, get this on your radar screen.  Its'c coming fast.  Like, this week.  Feb 24 is the hearing on I-Star's $109mm tax break request.  You will pay their share of taxes if it is granted.

This is, to my mind, less of a "no one is speaking up" issue than one of "no one's ears are open".  I live in LB and bought my home just before the 2006 hearings where the ACOE project ultimately was defeated in Long Beach. People in town were open, for whatever their reasons, to the arguments being made (and impressed with the numbers of supporters of) by the surfer community. Since Sandy, there is the common and voluble perception amongst many, many in the Long Beach community repeated and reinforced by politicians and not just the Long Beach City Council that the ACOE project would have made a difference and it is necessary to save us now. I've tried to have this discussion with neighbors over the last two years. There is no give. There is fear. And I understand where that fear is coming from.  Needless to say, the discussion is like trying to talk politics with my parents. Futile.

It's ironic, how there've been more waves the last few days than the last couple weeks, yet in the last 24 hours I've heard of or seen a number of beefs. Last night, a local being harassed by a father because the local told the son to stop paddling around him and taking waves; and this morning a nonlocal sitting way inside, way behind the peak, yelling at my friend (local) who was standing up on the wave while the other guy was paddling from behind that he should go surf somewhere else. There were only four of us on the beach. Geesh!

Holla that!  And great job done by Mr. Hallet!

to avaday inquiry about the "late/inside dropper", this is a common one for us longboarders and I prob pull out 50% of the time.  I also think you gotta let waves through even if you're in a good spot if there are folks in front of you/closer to the beach.  I do think it also depends on the person, wave situation, crowd and the precise circumstances.  If everyone is playing nice (it works the other way too...), this should not become a problem.  My pet peeve is this fact situation but where the inside guy is paddling out or crossing in front of you (watching you paddle for the wave) and does the spin around and claims the wave.  That I think is BS.  Perhaps not all agree.  Seen it here, seen it in Cali, seen it in PR...hate it wherever it is done.

There is more volume than ever
The pecking order/rules slide just because of the sheer numbers
If you are looking for blame -- look to the schools, who largely take $$ from folks who will never surf again, but enough of them will and will float right into your line and drop in, etc.
Blame the media/product & service sellers that use surfing in ads/commercials for nearly everything now
Blame the technology, but it's not going anywhere
Crowds are here, perhaps to stay.  Live with it, deal with it, vent here if it makes you feel better
Fortunately or unfortunately, none of us has any more right to the ocean than another (except maybe a surf school, that for $5,000 (i've heard), gets its own beach... (??!!))

Sorry for posting here folks, but wanted to get some attention.  My disabled uncle (age 53) is looking to adopt a 2 yr or older mid-sized dog for companionship (and possible service dog-very, very light training).  He is in a wheelchair/scooter and is speech impaired, but he is excellent with animals.   A non-shedder (or very low) b/c of allergies is also important. A "something-doodle" is probably best.  If the dog can surf, all the better (see, I tied it to surfing).  Thanks.