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Hi dude dud you still have the board?????
let me know!!!!!

is the board still on sell

is so amazing the skills that he have!!!! it make look so easy!!!! ;D 

I really want to know how is the feeling while u ride the wave with one of this boards!!

That's a great I dead keep posting pix to see the progress!!

What a great job!!!
U are going to keep it white?

I feel bad for u guys!
I being busy with work three weeks, and finally I got down Friday afternoon. I got stock in traffic but everything pay back lol.
Saturday I kind of od lol.
Got in the water around 5 and got some break in between, and went back to my friend house around 7 pm lol

I got stock in traffic for 2 hours =( but everything pay back when I arrive.
So so much fun!!
I got out at 9 I couldn't see anything 
Today morning and afternoon was amazing.

Oh cookies!!!
I hope I am not to late!!!!

I really like the surf one!!! I will be there the 18 oh yea!!
I hope the swell gets better by that day!!!!!!

I really want to learn!!!
Any tips in how I can take some classes or something!!!!

Shark or not we know eventually we will get across one in our time life!!!
Just be smart about it and don't mess with it.
Why so much panic about it!!!
I remember in 1999 in balleniat Guayaquil ecuador, some fisherman got attack by a shark. Just because he put some octopus around his waist.
Well my point is after that accident everyone went surfing after that day.
No matter what nothing will stop you to be where u love to be, or where you feel more comfortable.

Why bother doing that!!!! If you want to use it ask if u can use it. Well everything u will pay in this life no matter what!!! If u care or not in some kind of way it will always pay the price!!!
My bad bro I hope some one spot it!!!!

I was trying to get off from work early that day, but I couldnt. This time I will make it.

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