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there is someone already after the 5-4 it is newer 1yr old i beleive the 543 is 2yr that why only asking $70 on that one but is real good shape and i certify it pee free...

yea go with R4 or you can get away with the R3 with a heated vest....just sumthin to consider...
thinking about investing in a patagonia winter suit. anyone have one that can recommend which "R" to choose? will a hooded R3 get me through the winter or should i grab an R4?

I am selling my winter wetsuits keeping 1 suit and hoping to travel more this winter so here it is: 1) xcel infinity 6-5-4  size XL excellnt cond. $100.... 2) xcel drylock 5-4 size XLS excellent cond. $100(SOLD).... 3) xcel drylock hooded 4-3 size XLS excellent cond. $100(SOLD)..... 4) xcel infinity no hood 4-3 size XLS excellent cond. $100..... 5) xcel infinity 5-4-3 size XLS very good cond $70...sorry no holds 1st come 1st serve...**still avail are 6-5-4 the 4-3 no hood and the 5-4-3 hooded.**if you buy all three suits I'll sell them for $225...

hey Len, I am interested in taking a look at this board I'm in Wantagh are you gonna be around tomorrow (Sat) in the afternoon?

I am selling a 6'5" coil a hand shaped  stringerless eps blank shaped by Mike Daniels then vacuum bag glassed eps its 20 1/2wide and 2 3/4 thick..very light and very strong board has color (blue) and protect grid on rails real hi-perf board its a squash tail and has FCS fusion fin system.. great everyday board.. price is  NOW..$350 its LIKE NEW, I don't think there is even a pressure dent on deck...cost me $650+ new...board is pretty sick.. BOARD IS SOLD..


that suit is actually in excellent condition.

Selling some rubber all suits are in really good condition here's the list: 1. xcel drylock hooded 4/3 size xls $150
            2. xcel drylock 4/3 no hood size xls $100
            3. xcel 6/5/4 hooded infinity size xls $150
            4. oneil psycho 6/4 hooded size L $75.


Yea it was good this morning a little shore breaky but totally ride-able  yo.

I have the MR-TFX twin set with the little trailer..they are the blue glass ones, like new, not a big twinnie fan any futures maybe trade?

No thanks on the trade offer have a custom coming need the cash..

I am selling a 6'1" Rusty Dwart the dims are 21.37 wide 2.87 thick, board is like new, little if any pressure dents at all, used for 2 sessions I bought it a month ago, board is too small for me I ride bigger boards but took a chance and it didn't work out. my loss is your gain, board is a clear poly board with sanded finish and 5 fin option, future fin system comes with quad set and trac top.. I paid $670 a month ago selling for $399 (bummed on this one)..board is in Wantagh NY...SOLD!

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