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Yes i still have it but someone already contacted me on it told him i would hold it for him till Friday, if it doesn't sell i can get back to you.


I am selling a 6'4" JS Industries Monsta box surboard, board is PU construction, Dims are 20 3/4 wide 2 3/4 thick and 38 liters. its a squash tail thruster with fcs2 fin boxes. board has a tail pad and color on rails and boxes it is in excellent condition no dings at all. Price is $385 priced for a quick sale.

I'm selling a 6'4" Lost short round in Black dart construction, dims are 21 wide 2.82 thick, 42L volume but board is foiled out with a nice performance rail .. board is black dart construction which is top of the line with a light stringerless eps blank and a full carbon wrap deck with color... has 5 fin option in future fins system, no fins included, has track top, board has no dings and is excellent condition, retail is $850 ..selling for $475...SOLD .....

I'm selling a Roberts surfboards Black Cobra model dims are 6'6" 21 wide 2 13/16 thick and it is EPS epoxy contruction it has 5 fin boxes FCS, does not come with fins, board is in excellent condition NO dings or cracks of any kind just slight pressure dents on deck  board paddles great and has a nice round pin tail for bigger waves it also has a tail pad on it. Board costs over 700 asking $425 ... contact me i will text you photos i will try again later to post pictures..also you can go to Roberts surfboards wedsite for more info on board..

Lol my bad yes 6'7"..

I'm selling my Roberts black thumb round pin tail its eps epoxy with a added deck patch its 6'7" 20 1/4 wide and 2 3/4 thick and foiled out its a great good wave step up or travel board mint condition board (really).. asking $395

if you DM me I'll send you pics

goes really nice can handle knee hi to head hi easy fun board just have too many right now I like it as a quad.

I am selling a 6'6" firewire greedy beaver in timbertech fcs 2 fins 5 fin box set up board is like new 1 small ding on nose professionally repaired otherwise mint asking $399 also I have a 6'4" lost short round in black dart epoxy 5 fin box set up future boxes board is mint no dings dents or anything asking $425 I will try to get pics up later or dm me and I can text pics, stock dims on both, can see on the respective websites..greedy beaver is SOLD........Price drop on Lost board $375 basicly half price on a like new board

I have a 6'7" Roberts black thumb 20 1/4 w by 2 11/16 th Eps epoxy 5fin fcs 39.07 liters $375 round pin  on craigslist ..

I am selling a 6'2" Firewire potatonator FST tech fcs fusion 5 fin box very good cond  a small professionally repaired ding on deck $249 also selling a 6'4" channel island motor boat future fin thruster squash tail PU construction $200 both boards are priced to sell quick on craigslist also I'll try to get photos up..both boards are sold

I am selling my 6'4" Roberts modern 80's board, it is 6'4" 20 1/2 wide 2 3/4 thick squash tail with carbon fiber rail protectors it has tri fin set up with future boxes, board is poly and in like new condition no B.S. i have too many boards the same dims some have to go.. board has a tail pad on it and comes with factory fins, NO dings repaired or otherwise, hardly any pressure dents price is asking $395 this board is a great all arounder handle waves from knee to o'head ..

Interested in the 654, live in long beach can meet today or tomorrow.....ok i am off sat and sun left me know PM me

Who doesn't pee in a wetsuit?  Seriously gimme a break
I do not pee in a dry lock winter suit it does NOT flush like a 3-2 which means wicked ball rash/crotch rot...lesson learned a long time ago the hard way (no pun intended) might get there sometime it only takes once ...winter sesh are short enuff to hold it...btw this rule really does not apply to a 3-2 and below....just saying...

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