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I’m selling a 6’4” Lost Rocket Redux it’s 21.5 wide 2.75 thick and 41L it is PU construction with 5 fin option in Futures and has a tail pad this board is in Brand New condition used 1 session I don’t even think it has pressure dents on deck just purchased I’m an older heavier surfer and it’s just a little small for me my loss can be someone else’s gain price is $475....
Also selling a Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo board is a 6’8” 21.25 wide 2.88 thick and 44L it is PU construction has 5 fin option in Futures and has tail pad on it, this board is in very good condition price is $350 ... i will talk a deal if someone is buying both boards you will be covered for all conditions from knee high to well overhead with these two...both boards are SOLD….

I’m selling a 6’4” Chilli cherry peppa round tail (Rare it usually comes with squash tail) board is 22” wide 2 3/4 thick 42.9 Liters. Board is standard PU construction and has 5 fin fcs2 option it comes with tail pad, quad set of fins and leash (everything you see) it is in very good condition board works well  in knee hi to slightly overhead surf... price is $375..SOLD

I am selling a 6’5” Roberts Vlad model it is 21 1/4 wide 2 13/16 thick with a swallow tail, board is standard stringered EPS epoxy construction  so its very white,light and durable. It has 5 fin boxes in future fin technology board also has a tail Pad on it.. great board for knee to a little overhead waves and it is in Like New condition no dings and almost no pressure dents On deck asking $425....waves are coming !! 👍 ........SOLD

upload pictures online

I’m selling a 6’5” Roberts surfboard it’s the Vlad model, board dims are 6’5” 21 1/4 wide 2 13/16 thick and 42.8 liters the board is EPS foam and EPS glass it has a swallow tail and a trac top attached it has 5 fin option with future boxes.. this board is essentially brand new super white and light, no dings or shatters and barely has a pressure dent on deck. Price is $450 board is $800+ new with the EPS and tractop..

I’m selling a SUP it is a Boardworks The dims are 11’ long N-23 1/4 W- 31 T- 20 1/4 and  5” thick it has traction pads on deck and comes with fins, Leash and carbon fiber paddle, the board is in mint condition and can be use to surf, flat water paddle and my daughter used to do yoga on it. It floaty and  super stable price is $400 ...SOLD..

I’m selling my 6’4” Roberts Meat Cleaver it is 21 1/4 wide and 2 13/16 thick at 41.7 liters board is EPS epoxy construction so Light and durable it has 5 fin boxes FCS fusion system with a rounded pin tail board is in very good condition no dings, you can go to Roberts surfboards website to see a video explaining the board in detail, board can handle wide range of conditions from knee to overhead easily. Asking $325


I’m selling a 6’4” Lost psycho killer its 21 1/4 wide and 2.75 thick 40liters its PU construction. It has 5 fin option in fcs2 and tail pad. Board has normal wear and tear with no yellowing and one repair on one fin box which was done professionally. Great board works in everything and overall condition is very good. Board is solid and has tons of life in it. First $300 takes it.


I’m selling a 6’4” Channel Island rocket wide model it’s 21 1/2 wide 3” thick (but foiled not super clunky) 44liters its PU construction with a blue spray. It has 5 fin boxes in the future fin system and has a tail pad on it. Board paddles great and can catch anything from knee high to maybe a little overhead. It is in like new condition barely even a pressure dent on the deck. Price is $400.

 update: board is SOLD.

I’m selling two boards a Lost round nose fish retro it is a 6’2”  22.25 wide 2.7 thick 43L it’s a quad fin with future boxes it has yellow resin tint and is a PU board in Excellent condition price $400 also have a 6’4” Channel Island Rocket wide its 21.5 wide 3” thick 44L its in like new condition except a repaired small shatter that occurred in shipping. Board has blue spray has 5 fin boxes in future fin tech and trac top asking $450

I am in Wantagh (NY)


Time to cull the herd I am selling 3 boards : 1st up is a 6’4” Lost Phycho killer it is 21.25 wide 2.75 thick 40.5L it is PU construction & has 5 fin fcs2 boxes 1 box has been professionally repaired board is in very good condition asking $325 ...2nd up is a Lost round nose retro fish its 6’2” 22.25 wide and 2.7 thick with 43.5L PU construction with yellow resin tint and quad fin with future boxes, board is Mint cond price is $425... 3rd is a Ricky Carroll TMM model its 7’0” 21wide 2 5/8 thick EPS construction 5 fin box with future boxes its a kind of proformance fun shape and has round pin tail unk liters blue fade airbrush rails board is also in like new condition price is $425... no fins with boards..—-
Update : the 7’0” RC board is SOLD.

Trying to blow out two boards for upcoming swell i have a 6’8” Maurice Cole Dirty Dingo, dims: 21 1/4 and 2.88 thick pulled in round pin tail 5 fin option future boxes PU construction excellent condition great paddler catches tons of waves price $400... next i have a 6’10” Chemistry Compressor bigger wave board dims 20 1/4 and 3 thick board is fioled out double leash plugs

can catch anything on this one 5 fin boxes in FCS fusion one fin box was professionally repaired by Tommy Bunger can hardly even see repair great job board is PU construction price $300.. both boards have traction pads on them, NO dings. Caution if you buy one no excuses left not to paddle out when swell comes 😃😂

I’m selling a 6’4” channel island sampler model (Dane Renyolds) in eps flex bar technology board is absolutely mint condition and looks brand new, this board sells for $920. Dims are 21 wide 2 9/16 thick, 41 liters its a squash tail thruster with future fin boxes and has a tractop on it price is $499 for quick sale (this one hurts) ...**price drop  $450 for xmas!!


I have 2 boards for sale 1st up is a Firewire 6'6" unibrow great step up or travel board dims are 20 1/2 wide 2 7/8 40 liters round pin tail foiled out for good waves is in very good condition no dings price $350 next board is a slater designs scifi dims 6'3 20 3/4 wide 2 7/8 thick 39 liters lft tech absolutely mint condition fcs2 fin boxes price $425 both boards have trac tops ..fins not included ... both boards sold

I am selling a 6'2" Roberts Metamorph it's 21 1/4 wide and 2 7/8 thick. Volume is 42 liters. It is eps epoxy construction and has 5 fin option with fcs fusion fin boxes board is in Excellent condition NO dings still super white this boatd is a great summer board and really well made it has a tail pad on it price is $425 board or b/o was  over $700 new and is still pretty new, really good deal..

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