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Spot dropping. Haha  that place is going to be a zoo now

Finally had the chance to take the asymmetrical out for a bit this morning. I'm pretty pumped on the board so far.  It was fast and flowy with quick rail transition. Backside was little skatey but still pretty smooth.  Definitely looking forward to giving it a go again soon.


5'4 poly... rails went a little thinner than i planned...prob good for a grom or someone slightly less weight than i am.

5'6(toe)/5'4(heel) x 19 1/2 eps asymm - new one in the works.

wish i had the $$. Renting in E. rockaway now..great town.

Also great renovations!

Faktion - Frocket
 5'8 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/8
 Used with normal wear and tear; still has plenty of life in it...great board.  watertight.

Will clean wax prior to pick up.


2lb Stringerless eps blank

5'8 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/4

Shaped, sealed, and ready for glass.  -or- refine to your liking.


Still have a brand new Xcel 3/2 fullsuit - size MT.   $150

I do also have a 6'1 thumbtail that I may be interested in parting with as well.  If there is any interest, let me know and I can throw photos up.


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