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Yes, board is still available.  PM me your info and I'll send email or text.  Thanks, Doug

Anyone have an Indo Balance Board they want to get rid of.  Have a three and four year old that I hope will pick up skating sometime soon, and figured one of these might help build the skill set.  Seems like they're $150 online everywhere and I'm not that interested in paying that.  For reference

Yes, I've got one!  Dm me.

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Surfed this quite a bit. Fantastic board. Ready to sell actually if anyone's interested.

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Bump $400

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This is a great board priced to move!

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Kyle knows the score!

6'0" x 20.65 x 2.5 Everything that you've read about this board is true! Simply flies in all conditions.  Favorite board, all time, hands down.  Just getting a new one with a touch more volume to accommodate age creep.  Board is in good condition and comes with set of Stilleto quad fins.  Priced to move @ $250.  LI (Long Beach or Rockaway) or Westchester. 

Pains me to part with this, but too many boards at the moment.  Rare Rusty Simster 5'10" x 2 3/8 x 22", EPS, approx 38 liters, quad.   Rusty was an early collaborator in the Hydrodynamic project and this was his take on the Simmons board.  Comes with Rusty Performance Core quad fins.  Excellent condition, $450.

$165 still a great deal!

Bump $175 great deal!


Bump $185!

8'6" Ricky Carroll Performance Longboard 173/4 x 22 x 14
4+1 with 7'0" True Ames Classic center fin
This board does it all.  I've got 2 actually, so letting one go to make room in the shed

SuperBrand "Unit" 5'6" x 20 x 2 7/16
Asking $200
Located in Westchester & can get to Long Beach
914 646 6369

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