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Pending sale

Rare, exceptional board. If you know you know. 9.5/10. $900 includes board bag.

Aka "Secret Weapon." Perhaps the most versatile long board out there.  New, mint condition.  One too many boards at the moment and willing to take a loss on this - $800.


7'6" vBowls shaped by Ryan while at Glide.  In good condition.  Two small dings that have been repaired and typical deck pressure dents.  $500.  Located in lower Westchester.  In Long Beach often.

Excellent condition, some typical deck pressure dents. Rare find.  $600.  Located in lower Westchester.  Also, freq in Long Beach and out East.

Lovelace 7'2" vBowls $500. 2+1 set up.  Had a tail ding that is repaired. - Sold 10/21

Trimcraft reBowls 70 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4 thinned out rails. Condition 9.9/10. Tough to let this one go $500
Comes with FCS board bag for $50 additional.

Great board in excellent condition 9/10. Comes with sides bites and Wayne Rich 6.5 center fin. $500 takes it all!

A+ condition.  Hard to find 6'4" Ryan Lovelace $600 includes Parrish 2+1 True Ames fins.  Overlap in the quiver.  This is the board you need when things turn on around here.  Located in Westchester, but in Long Beach frequently to meet up. 

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Ricky Carroll PLB 8'6" EPS.  Immaculate condition 9.8/10.  Includes 8.5" Greenough True Ames 4A fin and Creatures longboard bag.  All in $600.  Great board and quite a deal for everything here! Located in Westchester.  Easy to meet in Long Beach as well.


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